View Full Version : Calgary Stampede

13th July 2008, 11:38
who is from Calgary?
Who rocks the 'pede every year?
Who loves this shit?
Who hates this shit?
Talk about this great city and what is has to offer...
or whatever...

13th July 2008, 18:12
I go numerous times every year. I love the stampede.

The whole city is in party mode for 10 days and it is so much fun. Too bad it is the last day today:cry:

22nd March 2009, 12:28
in the summer i'm going to make a city trip to Calgary. can you tell me the things i must see there. and is there some special denim availble?

25th August 2009, 23:52
stampede is alright....but to be honest - you've seen it once, you've seen it all.

it's great with friends, but hell don't ever expect to go there for the attractions themselves. I admit, the rodeo and chuckwagon is nice but those tickets are extra $$.

26th August 2009, 05:33
Well for me finding parking is a hassle. I aint paying $15 for parking within Stampede park.

16th September 2009, 06:23
fellow calagrians, how many of you have heard of brooklyn clothing on kensington? any feedback, reviews?
do they sell authentic nudies?

16th September 2009, 15:07
Yes they sell authentic nudies.

13th November 2009, 07:56
flames suck haha.

but calgary's a beaut city :mrgreen: