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31st October 2005, 04:43
I sized down to 31/34 in my Finns and they fit absolutely PERFECT for the first two weeks, but now they have become loose in the butt so I have to constantly pull them up. Any suggestions on how to have them fit perfectly again? Thanks in advance

31st October 2005, 05:30
The only thing I can think of is to wash them but then you slow down the fading process. Someone mentioned in another topic that you can throw them in the dryer (even though they're dry) and they will shrink a little.....don't take my word for it....maybe you should search the forum to find the post first.

31st October 2005, 06:56
Wear a belt? Or you could dart the waistband in a couple places to try and make it a little smaller that way.

20th November 2005, 07:18
Hmm... I've been wearing mine in 30/34 for almost three weeks now and they haven't stretched much at all.

23rd April 2006, 07:53
yeh putting them in the dryer does shrink the jean a little, but it also straightens out the creases in the jean. I used to put my first ssk in the dryer every couple of weeks so they would retain their shape

23rd April 2006, 09:38
Well dry jeans always stretch while wearing them for a long time, and you can't do anything against it but washing it. So you have to wear a belt now and be patient until you think, that you can wash them. :)

23rd April 2006, 20:16
i got a 29x32

and they fit perfectly, they have stretched very well in the waist.. meaning not much at all.. but a good stretch to be very very COMFORTABLE.. i wore a belt at all wears very tight on the waist during the process though

23rd April 2006, 22:48
My FG dry I got nuthugger tight (barely got the top button closed) and now they're actually a little too baggy. Crazy how denim works.

4th May 2008, 08:06
my TFDS is gettin looser at the calves and i wnt it be more skin tightt!! should i keep on wearin it or soak for srinkage? would hot soak help?



11th July 2008, 10:22
prob best to just start wearing a belt unfortunately.

11th July 2008, 15:18
Soaking would be your best bet to shrink your jeans down if they are not quite at the stage where you would like to wash them.

28th July 2008, 05:41
maybe use a belt.
that helps alot

28th July 2008, 05:47
funny thing about slim jeans. my grim tims i sized down 2. to 28X34. and the funny thing is that they are roughly a 15" waist now. :O

28th July 2008, 06:00
how did that happen?
from soaking?

29th July 2008, 06:02
nah not even soaking or anything at all, i just wore them and they stretched to that size. it's scary to know that these jeans stretch that much. i don't really enjoy the idea of sizing down but i hate the stretched out feeling.

29th July 2008, 17:00
Ugh, get a smaller size next time! But yeah, belt is the way to go right now. Washing it will make you lose some precious indigo! You want to have that for the first few months. &I don't even know about drying, have never tried it.

11th April 2009, 14:00
i've sold my TFDBC,cause it was loose in true size,so i changed to TFDGC and sized down 1
,it still got a lil bit loose at my butt,but i'll enjoy it

17th November 2009, 07:36
too late for a refund...
i guess a belt is the way to go

7th May 2010, 10:24
Hi guys, would need ya help. I am thinking of getting a pair of Thinn Fin online but I am not too sure of the sizing. I've got a pair of Slim Jims in Sz 32 so what would be an appropriate size to buy for thinn fin?

8th May 2010, 02:22
depending on how you want to wear them: real tight - 30. Tight - 31.