View Full Version : got my TF and SSK.. 2 tight or fit right?

21st October 2005, 06:00
hey guys check out my thread at superfuture.. got both a ssk and a tf to see which I like better, what do you think?


21st October 2005, 06:12
I think the legs look the same on the both....and the reason is because they are. The leg cut is the same on Kim and Finn....it's just the top part that is different....but they probably fit different since you got different sizes.

I think both of them look good. Can't pick one over the other.

21st October 2005, 06:25
thanks batman, the kim fits tighter in the upper thigh as you might be able to see, and the finn is a tad wider on the top of the thigh and slowly cuts down. maybe ill keep the kim since it is my inseam. but i dont know since it grabs my hips way more than the finn.. hmmm

Get Smart
21st October 2005, 15:14
they both look good.....i think the Kims will look more "feminine" on you, if that matters or not. if i were you i'd make sure to keep the tags on for a bit until you're sure. but i dont think you'll go wrong either way, just a matter of personal preference.

21st October 2005, 15:24
WOW! you are skinny man! 26?!?

Well, I think the TF is a cooler model, cuz of the butt. It's less feminine than the K.

21st October 2005, 17:22
driving me nuts! i just want to pick one and start rocking it. i keep going back and forth though. the rise is so different. :x

21st October 2005, 19:31
i personally like finn better since their pockets are placed lower. that makes them much easier to pull off with all sorts of tops/jackets IMO.

though since i cant see your back, my opinions are based on the thought you rock them like these.


21st October 2005, 19:50
can you explain why you think they're easier to pull off with more tops and jackets? i kind of agree with you here. i just think that since im shorter the low back pockets shorten my legs, just my thought

21st October 2005, 22:01
I think slim leg jeans look the best on guys who have very little contour to their legs....that is their thighs aren't much bigger than their calves. Otherwise I think they look too much like ladies denim......Given that, I think I like the finns more becuase the larger top block will give a straighter silouhette all the way down the leg for guys who aren't a waist size 27....

I'm seriously thinking about buying a pair, desperately waiting for fos5 to either get them in a 33, or get the Californias..........

21st October 2005, 22:04
ok, I am a 26/27. so your choice would be?

21st October 2005, 22:14
it would depend on personal perference, but i think it generally looks better to have your pockets showing form at the back rather than hiding it completely. this usually wont happen if you choose the right size of tops, but just my $0.02.

also, kims pockets to me seems to make your butt look rounder. look very much like a womens cut if they arent in the first place. there will always be people who cant stand guys wearing what looks like a pair of jeans for womens. in the end, all it should matter is your personal preference and style, but just a thought. though i have to say not a lot of guys would be able to pull off the Kims!! i think its even more so than finns b/c of their back pockets. so you do have a choice of being able to go for a more different look than everyone else could ever hope to be with the Kims.

and i agree, looking at the new back pics on super the back pockets of finn maybe just a little too big for your legs. i take my previous post back, i say go for the kims!

21st October 2005, 22:57
haji you bring up too many good points. i think since the finn is higher rise, I can pull off some more shorter some what wider shirts. also, the kim does make my butt look round and it hugs my hips which can be seen. the crotch seems sort of low on the finn and would be kind of weird at first like going up stairs. also when i sit down the finn has so much more room in the crotch than im used and it seems like there is so much more material. i cannot decide but i want to start wearing them. ack

21st October 2005, 23:20
yeah, i see what you mean. i would still push the kims since they look more balanced on ya. the lobsided pockets of finns are too whack for some people. when i cant decide on two pair of jeans, i just take all my tops out and start matching them up.

21st October 2005, 23:25
yes trust me ive done that with like everything I have. and actually the finns looked a little better. the kims are so tight all my shirts, unless they are REALLY tight, dont look balanced. it looks like i have super tight pants and then slightly too big shirts. i wonder if a 27 kim would be my answer :x
and like i said before since they have a little stretch and i sit down in the finns its kinda strange since the jeans are so tight everywhere then the crotch has space. too much thinking..

22nd October 2005, 00:44
finn winns.

22nd October 2005, 11:13
go with the finns. the kims are more meant for girlies. because (as someone said) it makes your ass look all round. which look nice on girls. not on guys.

22nd October 2005, 18:51
go with the finns. the kims are more meant for girlies. because (as someone said) it makes your ass look all round. which look nice on girls. not on guys.
I agree, kims are way to tight on guys in my opinion

15th October 2006, 22:26
i go for the finns :twisted: got myself a pair.

22nd October 2006, 20:47
the superfuture link dont work

22nd October 2006, 20:59
I like both. Why isn't there an option for that?? :(

22nd October 2006, 21:14
WOW this was bumped 1 year later to the day! HAHAHA

funny as I'm wearing the thin finns as I type this.

so yeah, I went with the thin finns and wouldnt have had it any other way :)

22nd October 2006, 21:24
How are your finns doing! I'm curous how they are looking after 1 year of wear :D !!!

22nd October 2006, 21:30

How much did your Thin's stretch out in the waist?

My SSK's are 27s, but I decided to get 28s for my Thin Finns so that my crotch can breathe for once --- was this a bad idea?

22nd October 2006, 21:46
I would have figured that just going from a ssk to a tf in the same 27 size would give your "boys" some room to breathe.

23rd October 2006, 04:06
they're doing pretty well. you can see before/after pictures in the gallery when I washed @ 10 months. They are getting harder to wear now that it's turning winter here.. the material is sooo thin.

neufrench- I would have just went with a 27 thin finn. SSKs sit lower on the hips anyway.. if anything you'd want to size down in the thin finns, not up. But I could always be wrong.