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28th January 2008, 11:41

28th January 2008, 11:49
""It'll just look like a navy, boring, dad-kind-of-a-jean," said Tammy Wong, North American brand manager for the Swedish designer Nudie.

Nobody wants that."

28th January 2008, 12:29
funny that this artice is in the Atlanta Journal Constitution because there are maybe 4 places in the whole city that you can even find quality raw denim. This is more of a pre-wash True Religion and Rock and Republic bootcut town. As you can tell by the ignorant comments, this is not the right town for this article. I work in a used clothing store in Little 5 Points (the "different, ahead of the curve" part of Atlanta with 2 stores that carry Nudies) and people there still don't understand/make fun of me not washing my jeans. Oh well.

28th January 2008, 12:30
for being over 1 year old those jeans they pictured look terrible..

28th January 2008, 12:35
I was looking at some of the comments left on that page. There are people that just don't understand how much your jeans become a part of you with raw denim. :P

28th January 2008, 13:01
The nay-sayers are far too over-represented there. Everyone, please post about the glory of dry denim!

28th January 2008, 19:13
Host the pictures on an anonymous imageshack account and link them to those then imo

28th January 2008, 20:40
Actually, I'd say that linking Conifurious' Olas would be the best bet (not to knock MHP or Naoto) since they were washed after only about 2-2.5 months. Show them that the 6 month thing is just a suggestion.

11th March 2008, 02:37
Tsk...the link is broken. :(

11th March 2008, 02:43
yeah i kind of want to read it:shock:

11th March 2008, 02:48
hey! do you live in atlanta too!

19th March 2008, 19:27
cant see the article

20th March 2008, 00:06

it is not there:(

24th March 2008, 23:12
there was an article on denim that mentioned raw denim and nudies in Details this month

25th March 2008, 22:13
hmm thanks for the article