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3rd January 2008, 01:48
Hey guys!

excuse my ignorance if this is in the incorrect thread but im in need of help....

i own a pair of thin finns, 8 months unwashed (oh baby) but want to start a new project to start the new year as i mean to go on....my problem is i love the thin finn cut and fit to death but was wondering if this fit is replicated/similar to any other brands? i particularly love the low pockets and skinny leg with the saggy ass look....if anyone can help i would be eternally grateful as i want to look hot for a date next week! cheers

3rd January 2008, 02:06
dude... i'm sorry... i think you're out of luck... i don't think there is ANY other jean that is like the thin finns anywhere... at least not that i know of...

3rd January 2008, 02:31
i think the low yoke makes the thin finn a unique jean. there are plenty other similar jeans in the market though, just do your research

3rd January 2008, 02:43
APC New Cure.

3rd January 2008, 02:51
APC New Cure.

those could work... they don't have a low yoke though...

3rd January 2008, 07:16
yeah new cures are pretty similar but dont have the low yoke..

3rd January 2008, 08:21
Cheap Monday

8th January 2008, 15:34
thin finn is the best. IMO:lol:

8th January 2008, 15:46
Sag a pair of Imperial Dukes and get them tapered.

8th January 2008, 15:47
wow i was thinking the exact same thing, did you by any chance read the imperial thread on sufu?

8th January 2008, 16:03
yeah i'd go for the imperial idea.
great denim and they have pretty big back pockets so if you sag, it'll look like a low yoke.
and of course it's selvege

8th January 2008, 20:06
Kicking Mule Workshop rockers.

11th November 2008, 01:47
I would say when in a dilemma like this, get another Thin Finn of a different model (Dry Stretch. Organic Dry Ecru Embo, Dry Grey Coated or Dry Black Coated). If you insist in getting a jeans of a different brand, can give this http://www.mynudies.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5278 a try.

20th November 2008, 22:28
Ande Whall Slacker?

20th November 2008, 23:19
if your legs are skinny enough, go for some april 77. they don't have the low pockets, but are skinny and meant to be sagged a little because the waist runs a little loose, but the legs are really tight.

20th November 2008, 23:47
somet 008

21st November 2008, 00:15
Why are we reviving this old thread?

21st November 2008, 02:33
just get the new selvedge stretch...

21st November 2008, 12:51
Why are we reviving this old thread?

haha, i didn´t notice, as i didn´t look at the dates of the older posts...