View Full Version : Fav fashion books?

23rd October 2007, 16:30
What are your favourite books on clothing?

My recomendations are My Freedamn!
For all you vintagefreaks.
Theres 6 of them. Have a look on Rin Tanakas site: http://www.myfreedamn.com/
and 1,2 and 300% Cotton by Helen Walters.
Contains some really nice tshirt graphics. http://www.amazon.co.uk/300%25-Cotton-More-T-shirt-Graphics/dp/1856694917

25th October 2007, 03:06
For anyone who is interested in serious fashion, in terms of both history and technicalities, The Fashion Book from Phaidon Press is one of those books that you have just got to have. The Mini Edition is okay, but if you're really into this stuff hardcore, just suck it up and pay for the large hardcover. It's A) a wonderful coffee-table book, B) highly informative, and C) masterfully shot and edited.

25th October 2007, 04:11
Maybe I shouldn't have named the topic "fav fashion books" but rather fav infomativ or cool books about clothes.
I'm not that interested in (and i don't think most of you guys are either) fashion in that broad sense but rather books about vintage clothes like Mr.Tanakas
or books about sneekers, tshirts or denim.
Looks like a cool book though geekbonchic.