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18th September 2007, 19:34
When some companies are designing jeans, and then putting out and making the stuff do you think some of them actually know what they are doing when they are putting things on the jeans..

I'm talking about things like spraying a few lines accross the back of the knee and a few random lines around the crotch area.. obviously supposed to look like whiskers and honeycombs but 99% of the time looking nothing like and missing the area of impact totally.

Today i saw somebody who had jeans that were totally ripped accross the back of the jean, did look quite "different" and "interesting" (but still rubbish) where the honeycombs would normally have formed, however the area covered just in the middle of her calf

Now i can't stand jeans like this anymore, makes me kinda sorry because loads of my pre washed before i discovered dry have features like this.

Do you think designers know what they are doing when they put them on.. surely the likes of levis and nudie etc do, but some of the cheaper end denim (like supermarket denim where you can pick up a pair fe 10) surely not, and are just doing it to follow a trend??

What do you think?

18th September 2007, 19:39
It's not only cheap brands Diesel has made some honeycombs that is WAY off, theyre placed so low it looks ridicolous.

18th September 2007, 19:41
diesel, nudie, replay, they all got some wack looking pre-washes out there, still, there are nice looking ones also and it's alright for people that follow a trend or don't have the time and/or energy to invest in dry jeans...

btw, they don't spray the lines on, the just scrape the indigo off I think :p

18th September 2007, 19:53
I also like the bleached, super light blue jeans... And you can't get that look with a dry denim imo.

18th September 2007, 19:55
Some do look wack, but at least they try and get it right

These by a british high street chain just look like they've created lines for the fin of it, and now i just can't help but feel sorry for the people wearing them (although thats just dry denim arrogance coming through, something i'm sure 99% of the population don't have)



18th September 2007, 20:05
haha thoose are difiniatly NOT what I'm talking about :D They look awfull