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nudie dan
26th July 2007, 12:53

I just got me a pair of nudie Thin Finns in dry stretch size 32/32 and I love the jeans but not 100% stoked with the fit. I know I want the thin finns, I dig the shape.

I tried on the 31's because folks recommended to go a size down, and in the leg I really liked the fit. However, when it came to zipping them up they were pretty damn tight, I had to suck it in a little just to do them up and the zipper wasn't quite fully to the top.

I considered them, but was too afraid, scared ill spend $200 on jeans only to have them deform into some kind of evil beasts, plus it was pretty damn tight on the waste.

Threw on the 32's and the felt super right, very comfy, snug around the waist and so on.. here they are:

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 13:01
Heres some more photos, strangely they look really good on the camera phone... im just a stress head/perfectionist/manic depressive..



nudie dan
26th July 2007, 13:01
So is it GO or NO?

26th July 2007, 13:03
a good fit and they fit like finns should. So it looks like your good to go.
Since they arent so very tight they wont strech so much because of less stress on the fabric, but it will still strech. Only not as much as a 31 would.

Enjoy your Finns and now you gotta break em down...


after you put up theese extra pics i am not so shure anymore. Maybe you should have got the 31 imo.

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 13:07
Oh shite, i dunno what to do...

Ah ha... man I wouldn't mind them being tighter but getting the 31's done up was seriously hard work. I thought I was going to break the button.

I'm just very conscious I guess, don't want my jeans lookin all baggy and regular and normal. I hope they still carry a bit of edge.

They are a touch long too, should I keep the fold or hang them straight or even sacreligiously get them... hemmed:-(?

26th July 2007, 13:12
Lose the cuff. Stacking'll look better imo.

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 13:23
It's weird, I'm a skinny guy and the jump from 32 to 31 seems massive.. my 32's go on nicely, the 31's were hard work.

all those in favor of 31's say "I"

26th July 2007, 15:03
look good to me

26th July 2007, 15:15
i like them alot i have always been a fan of a non-skin tight finn.
However from what you said about the 31 those would work too, in about a week they will fit perfect.
if you want to stand out a little more go 31 but i do like the look of the 32

26th July 2007, 15:35
forgot: i like the cuff

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 15:38
Thanks for your help guys.

theoretically if I buy the 31's they will stretch to be like 32s anyway right?

I do dig a tight fit and I always buy the perfect fit out of the store only to have them stretch to be a little too loose. I will try the 31's again I think

26th July 2007, 15:55
good choice where did you buy them?

26th July 2007, 16:53

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 17:31
Jakob! Is that true love or are you cheating on me with my sister?

I saw a photo of yours and thats the fit I want! I want your opinion, do you think I should size down?

26th July 2007, 17:35
no way those look great. A true to size finn is the way to go. You made the right choice and if they feel good to you that's all that matters. These things will fade nice but after about 7 months get really soft and not so much fun anymore.

nudie dan
26th July 2007, 17:40
They aint stacking up though, thats how looseish they are. With a tighter fit I reckon they'll wear in nicer. I really like the tighter fit, but at the same time I want them low.

Man I'm doing my head in, I want my first dry jean adventure to be glorious! :lol:

Pressure Thief
26th July 2007, 17:51
yyou should definitely stay with the 32. I have a 29 in finn and it was just like the way the 31 fit on you (difficult to button, etc.). I have worn them for almost 7 months now without a wash and they have barely stretched. The stretch denim is designed to keep its form. When buying these jeans, I think it's best to buy the fit you want right from the beginning. Don't try to account for stretching. I wish I went a size up, it would be more comfortable.

26th July 2007, 18:05
If you really want to stretch a waist band, there are many ways to achieve a good 2-3" stretch without trying to kill yourself.

26th July 2007, 19:22
From looking at the pictures I would say go with the 31. They will fit your body better as they stretch. And no cuff. The length looks fine to me even without the cuff.

nudie dan
27th July 2007, 03:04
Oh man, now I'm even more confused.

They will stretch, they wont stretch.

If the 31's stretched in the waist but not in the leg they would be perfect..

27th July 2007, 05:39
I agree they don't look bad. Its just personal style. I like to wear my finns real tight also. All my finns have stretched about 2 inches in the waist, and mine have stretched some all over, knees, thighs, etc... But If its hard to button the 31 without being too uncomfortable I would get them. after a month of wear they will stretch perfectly. Just my thoughts.

27th July 2007, 06:05
They look fine, and keep in mind as you wear them they will naturally sit better as they get softer. Jeans conform to your body, I think they'll only get better from here.

nudie dan
27th July 2007, 10:27

I get to the store 11am, and some dude has walked out with the last 31's as I walk in. Damn.

So I'll stick to the 32's, they look good and are slim enough, just not tight but snug so i must have teeny weeny calf's. The 31's would have been a struggle to pull down to a comfy position so if in a month I dislike these I will go 31's... can't wait for some wear!!

Anyone skate in their nudies?? :evil:

nudie dan
27th July 2007, 10:29

Thanks for all the opinions people, I'm very grateful.

27th July 2007, 14:53
Anyone skate in their nudies?? :evil:

Lots of people. You should do it. You will get some great results.

27th July 2007, 15:07
Jakob! Is that true love or are you cheating on me with my sister?

I saw a photo of yours and thats the fit I want! I want your opinion, do you think I should size down?

I bought them at a store called LAX, painful store full of poseurs, here in Adelaide, Australia.

Im serious dude, thoose are a little looser than mine, because i washed mine two times... But i love the fit of thoose!

Oh! Is your sister a fox?

nudie dan
28th July 2007, 06:42
Ok Rad, so I could wash them and they might shrink a little but ill hold off on that, maybe in a few months.

You know I cant answer that man, but I'm gorgeous:p

28th July 2007, 08:51
You don't have to answer that man. Just post pics and let us be the judge :lol:

nudie dan
28th July 2007, 10:16
Holy crap.

I think I'm gonna go 31's after all... I wore these out last night, they are still clean so I think I'll get a refund because I want them tighter, like this http://www.mynudies.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=2059&c=12

or am I imagining that mine aint that tight. I've noticed in the fits I like the top looks like its been pretty stretched and under tension. Mine are snug to get on, I think I can go tighter...

28th July 2007, 14:39
You went out last night and left the tags on your jeans?

28th July 2007, 14:55
I know some people who do so.

Saw an employee at a shop with a nudie booklet in his backpocket too.

28th July 2007, 14:57
In my opinion my finns didn't stretch much. They are the DBC, but should be similar it's got the same amount of lycra.

They're a little more comfy, but they don't need a belt still after 6 months. Mine are tight tight. I'll post a pic in a sec. haven't done one in a while.

28th July 2007, 15:30
here is the finns vs the slim jims. Finns are a 28/32, Jims are 29/34. more pictures in my user gallery.




nudie dan
28th July 2007, 16:12
Woh, they are super tight! I'm surprised they havent stretched after being under so much pressure. Your slim jims, fit like my finns although my finns are a little bit narrower at the bottom.

It seems the jeans of my dreams are between your tighty's and where mine are now.

Man I'm going round in circles. That link i posted before is what I'm after.. tight but not super dooper tight. Atari swede sized down soo hmm.

ps- i can re-attached the tags, the jeans are fine, only test driven out to the cinema, nothing too heavy..

28th July 2007, 16:19
Man thats a bit sketchy. You probs shouldn't return them if you've worn them. I wouldn't want someone elses tried jeans...would you?

Where are you wearing them? I think the best way to get a jean to fit in a smaller size is pull them up high and let them stretch out.

I think the lycra content of the finn stops it from permenantly stretching.

28th July 2007, 16:20
BTW my actual waist is 30.5 and I bought 28s...

nudie dan
28th July 2007, 16:50
You're right it is a little sketch, maybe ill see how these go.. only thing is i forked out some well needed uni money for my nudies and now im not sure of my investment. Don't usually fork out this much cash regularly so it has me on edge a little.

I could stick with them see how they go i guess. I want a jean thats gonna 'hang' a little as well as hold a nice tightish leg, I'm sure ive got the right model, maybe next time go a 31 in a dry but no stretch?

nudie dan
29th July 2007, 08:55
Do they make a thin finn dry blue? I seem to only see thin finn dry stretchs.

29th July 2007, 08:56
dry stretch is dry blue? re-phrase please.

nudie dan
29th July 2007, 09:43
I thought the dry black's were non stretch but now I realise they have the lycra in them too.

29th July 2007, 13:18
I know the indigo coated is 100 cotton...

Have you thought you could take your jeans to a tailor and get them more tapered?

29th July 2007, 13:22
Where'd you get them from Nudie Dan?

Whoa more taper in finns? :?

29th July 2007, 13:24
Well yeah, it makes sense. It seems to me that dan just has bigger hips/leg proportion, so even tho he has small pins can't get the smaller waist going on.

Taper. For sure. Expecially seings you already bought them and you want a different fit:shock:

nudie dan
29th July 2007, 15:02
It's true, I do have same gnarly lady like hips and a round ass hehe. My legs are pretty skinny but my hips I think are what are letting me down. Tried on some girls jeans for the skinny fit once, man they were comfy, hehe.

I'll consider getting them tapered, had some old Lee jeans tapered and they were spot on until the crotch ripped because of old old age, and being Lee's.

29th July 2007, 15:12
i taper most my jeans cuz i have small feet so my shoes get lost....i basicaly look like i'm wearing bootcut ALL the time unless i taper them.

nudie dan
29th July 2007, 15:15
BTW my actual waist is 30.5 and I bought 28s...

And your 29 slim jims fit well! Thats good info, my actual waist is 32.4, so I think 31's can be done without too much hassle, next time hey.

29th July 2007, 15:29
These are my altered sj dry blacks 29x32 after a few months (long time to go)



2nd August 2007, 02:57
can anyone point me to finns in a 28/32?


2nd August 2007, 03:05
Kitchener has the TFDBC in a 28/32

2nd August 2007, 03:19
Ah, thanks a lot for the tip but i don't tend to really go for the coated denim. Thanks anyway.

2nd August 2007, 03:22
Say what you actually want next time ;)

2nd August 2007, 09:15
can anyone point me to finns in a 28/32?


I'm pointing now. Can you see??

Lol, jk.


Also, try reading this:

3rd August 2007, 01:35
Thanks a load man! that zoo village link isn't working for me though:[

3rd August 2007, 02:18
Oh, depending on where you live, you might not be able to buy from zoovillage anyways. They ship to europe only.

3rd August 2007, 07:45
Thanks a load man! that zoo village link isn't working for me though:[

No probs. Yeah like Bil said unless you're in Europe, don't bother looking at Zoovillage. Although sometimes I use it for their measurements.

nudie dan
16th August 2007, 07:58

Here is an update!!! I managed to off load the 32's to a friend of mine and go purchase myself some 31's. So much better. They are a stretch to do up but I've had them on for half an hour and they are getting comfier by the second.. ;) They look like Thin Finn's should (nice and fitted and rockin), and I'm super happy.

Thanks for all the advice people, photo's to come soon!