View Full Version : Other site with photo galleries?

3rd August 2005, 18:50
Is there another site with photo galleries of people dry jeans that isn't nudie? i have some acne dry jeans i want to post pictures of in a while and i cant do it here since they arent nudie..

3rd August 2005, 19:02
yes you van do it here on the "other" part of the forum.
Select "forum" and then "other"and "other brands"

Recently i went to Sweden and saw a lot of Acne jeans,so please show them. I think they're very nice jeans.

3rd August 2005, 20:14
will do! just bought them though so i can show how they look in a month or two. but maybe ill upload a picture with them as they are brand new

22nd August 2005, 19:09