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3rd August 2005, 14:07
Hello in med september I'm probably going to live and work in Utrecht. Currently I'm living in Sweden and it's going to be nice to move abroad for a while.

I've got some questions and I hope someone can answer them.

I've been lurking around a lot of sites offering rooms and apartments and it seems to be possible to find something in the price range 300-400 €/month. Where should I live? I don't want to live in a area with old and boring people (I'm 22) and I don't want to live in a "ghetto thug life high crime area" either. Student areas is nice and probably I meet some good people there. Is there possible to find somthing in the city center for about 300-400/month?

Is there any nightlife in utrecht like clubs night open cafés and so on? Or do I have to go to amsterdam for that? Is it easy to get to A-dam? Is there any good coffeshops in Utrecht? How is the shopping? Any other nice spots to go to?

If you have any tips, suggestions and so on, just write or send me a PM, you can use swedish or english...

have a nudie day//erik

3rd August 2005, 18:18
They have a university in Utrecht, so there'll be enough rooms available in your price range. Nightlife is quite good from what I've heard. Specially go check out 'Apenkooi', it's a party in the Monza which comes back every ~3 months.
Connection between Amsterdam and Utrecht is good, they even have a train at night.

22nd August 2005, 11:45
if you can : find a place in the neighbourhood called 'lombok'. Its a very cozy and clean neighbourhood with al kinds of people living (also alot of young people). very diverse and multicultural

22nd August 2005, 17:59
Im from Utrecht, I live just outside the centre in a little village called De Meern which is part of Utrecht! Lombok is a very nice place my sister lives there, but it is also quiet rough a lot of crime! But If you like smoking weed its fantastic :twisted: And its nearby the shopping bit of town! which has alot of good shops! greetzz ethan