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3rd July 2007, 08:52
i have a pair of Thinn Finn Dry Stretch size 29x32 and was considering taking them to a tailor to make them a 27x32. the calve/shin area is perfect but the thighs are a little loose and i just want to know how would they cut the thighs to make it thinner? because i really dont want them to touch the calves/shins area.

3rd July 2007, 14:35
I think your request would be possible. Since they have to chop the waistband, they can work their way down and stop at the knee. Not sure if this would skew the jeans though?

But I would check with a tailor first.

3rd July 2007, 16:53
the diffuclut thing about tailoring the waist is that your ass/crotch becomes longer in comparison to the normal 27/32 but better that jeans that are much to baggy

3rd July 2007, 17:22
its best not to alter nudies. my opinion.

unless if its really loose, and you can't take it anymore. =)

4th July 2007, 00:04
I had a pair of rrds taken in about 2 inches, and the jeans never really looked the same. The proportion of everything was just off after I did it. But you might have better luck than I did.

4th July 2007, 17:30
Sell it to me, and u find another one. Shit...can't find my size ( TFDS 29-32)

4th July 2007, 17:36
Sell it to me, and u find another one. Shit...can't find my size ( TFDS 29-32)

4th July 2007, 17:48
its possible but talk to you tailor about it first. Ask them to dart your thighs to take them in. and for the waist they will probably work something out.