View Full Version : I wear 33/32 with Even Steven, what about Finns??

3rd July 2007, 05:18
I've got the 33/32 in the ES but I'm not sure what I should get for Finns because I'm thinking of buying a pair, and am also happy with our my ES fit. Cheers

3rd July 2007, 05:36
If you buy the finns the same size as your ES, the wais will be the same, but the jeans are going to be tighter overall. If you like the fit of the ES, you might want to size up. I sized up two on my DBC finns and I have had alot of compliments on the fit.

3rd July 2007, 05:45
i was thinking of getting the TFIDC or TFDBC, could you link me to pictures of your 2-sized up fit, bil? :)

3rd July 2007, 05:47
I will just throw them in here.



3rd July 2007, 05:49

i might get them true to my size, although my friend said i looked stupid when i fit them on at flying A's. lol. i just wish they sold the dry indigo coated somewehre online :p

3rd July 2007, 05:55
They have the ultra indigo coated at drytillyoudie.

Or do you mean the light blue coated ones?

3rd July 2007, 05:55
the blue ones, yep. :)

i like the black ones but i'm skeptical as to how they turn out... i also already have a dry black so i want to stray away from black jeans for the time being