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30th June 2007, 07:41
hello, i'm new to nudies.

i got a pair of slim jims dry japan w30 a few months back and it's a little loose after wearing them. i'm now looking forward to getting my second pair of nudies - thin finn. i was just wondering if i should size down to maybe a w29, are they relatively true to size? because the slim jims were about 3-4cm loose when i bought them, should i instead get a w28? (i ask this because it is to my understanding that the thin finn and slim jims are relatively similar other than the leg opening at the bottom.)

also, i'm considering a dry black coated due to the shine that it'll get after wear. but i was just wondering if the shine disappears after the first wash and will it ever look that good again?

other than dry black coated thin finns, can anyone recommend different washes that will result in awesome fades in the shortest amount of time, i wear jeans 24/7 to school etc. they'll be on about 12-15 hours a day. i'm thinking about 'thin finn dry stretch' anyone got a review on this?


30th June 2007, 07:49
I wear either 29 or 28 Jims (slim and tight, respectively).

Finns 30 felt tight at the beginning, but they stretch too much for me. If I got Finns again, I'd probably size down 2 (1 for a saggy-bum fit).

"quickest fade" = dumbest thing in the world. just wear them like normal jeans.

3rd July 2007, 17:17
i'm standard size 31 or 32.

when i tried on nudies, esp the thin finn, size 29 fits me best. perfect~

8th July 2007, 13:12
any info on thin finn dry stretch?

i haven't been able to locate any nice worn pictures of that wash of thin finn.

any help at all will be appreciated. :D

8th July 2007, 17:01
Are you joking?

Just look through the gallery in the stretch category. There are quite a few.

8th July 2007, 17:13
Are you joking?

Just look through the gallery in the stretch category. There are quite a few.

Doesn't seem like he is. Probably doesn't know about the existence of the gallery 8)

8th July 2007, 17:15
Oh I know he wasn't joking ;)

Dave Nudie
15th July 2007, 21:52
well i have thin finns and i m usually a 30 or 31 in waist but i have 33 w 32 leg for the low jeans look and they fit perfect so just size them normal

14th February 2008, 04:01
guys.. help me out pls... i'm trying to get nudie thin finn through online.. i wear size 31 for Cheap Monday.. it fits me well.. Wat size should i get for nudie thin finn dry stretch?

14th February 2008, 04:21
i wear tight washed inside out cheap monday size 31.. it fits me very well.. wat size should i get for thin fin dry stretch?

14th February 2008, 04:32
skin tight... size 31 for cm is the lowest size that i can wear.. have you tried both jeans before? should i really get size 30 for thin fin? i like the skin tight fit.

15th February 2008, 02:39
my waist is about 81-82 cm..

15th February 2008, 03:29
get 30.

15th February 2008, 10:23
it would stretch a lot when i wear it many times rite.. 30 should be good enough? or do i size down 1 more size to 29?

16th February 2008, 00:41
I'm not sure. If you can't try it on before you buy it, play it safe with the 30.

16th February 2008, 06:47
my actual size is 31.. therefore 30 should be safe rite? i cant try it since there are no shops selling nudie here... i got to buy it through online...

17th February 2008, 04:14
Get size 30, it should be okay, if not return it and get 29. Bam all done.