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29th June 2007, 08:37
Ive had them for a day
I bought them off a mate so there a bit big but wat do u rekon about them?
should I wash them to make them smalled or anything?[/img]

29th June 2007, 10:13

DO NOT WASH your jeans. Not before they have 6to 8 months or more wear.
You will mess up the fading prosess if you wash. Theese are bry black and one of the hardest to fade, but if you dont want cool fading like honeycombs,whiskers and creases you can wash them as much as you like.

I think the fit is good. If you must shrink them, do a hot soak instead. Use the warmest water you can get from the tap and let them soak a few hours. Then they will shrink. The problem is that they will strech out really fast, like in a week or so. So there is really no point in soaking them.

Only long term solution is get a smaller size.
I dont think you need them smaller, as i said the fit looks good.

29th June 2007, 10:48
from the front the fit looks okay to me. Maybe a picture from the back >??? i would say use use use use use use use use your jeans than after because these are dry black with stretch wash them after a year. Better is after 18 month but that's up to you. If you like your jeans this way than just wash them and they wil stay as they are now. But than you bought a nudie for nothing

29th June 2007, 13:34
ya cause i have to fold them up because there like way to long

29th June 2007, 14:38
I say stack them instead of cuffing. That looks strange to me. Unless you double cuff to make them look smaller.

Or you could just hemm them a little bit (not too much)