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22nd July 2005, 04:03
Theres been a ton of topics discussing various methods for washing and wearing in denim, something to add to the site that I think would be helpful for everyone is to ask for standardized pictures of Nudies with a form to fill out listing:

What Nudie Jean it is
How long they have been worn (How many months & days per week)
How many times they have been washed
- If washed:
- What method of washing (Dry Clean, Washing Machine, quick rinse etc.)
- What temp water
- What detergent (if any)
- How much did they shrink

etc. etc. you get the idea. anyone else have any to add?

22nd July 2005, 09:10
You mean like when you upload a pic or somethin you fill in this standard form :D?
suond cool 8)

22nd July 2005, 13:07
You mean like when you upload a pic or somethin you fill in this standard form :D?
suond cool 8)

Yeah :D

22nd July 2005, 18:11
That's a good idea! We have to see if we can change the design/coding of the photo gallery.

24th July 2005, 16:00
Another suggestion is to have a place where members can submit different meaurements of all the nudies in a variety of sizes and make up a chart.

That way it will be easy to tell how specific nudies size up to others. For example, the difference in the flare of a Bootcut Ola vs. a Flare Glenn, or the difference between a Loose Frank & Baggy Bjorn.

All measurements should be actual, and a standard form used for measurement:

Dry/Washed (which wash):
Waist (labelled):
Length (labelled):

- Waist (Laid flat on the groud, measured along the countour of the opening)
- Outside Length (measured along the outside seam - from the waist to the uncuffed opening)
- Inside Length (measured along the inside seam - from the crotch to the uncuffed opening)
- Rise (from the crotch, straight up to the top of the waist)
- Thigh (laid flat, measured from the crotch, straight across to the outside seam)
- Knee (laid flat, measured from the halfway mark of the above mentioned Inside Length)
- Opening (laid flat)