View Full Version : MY TFDBC

19th June 2007, 16:13
I've had them for a week and here's how they've turned out.
They aren't leathery yet....

I'm normally 28" for jeans and bought the 26". They've stretched out so much i can't believe it. They feel like a 27" fit now. I'm glad i listened to the guy at the store i got these from...

What cool things should i put in my pockets? LOL?



19th June 2007, 16:33
Looking cool dude! Your jeans have streched one size! that's normal! Just keep wearing them, they will turn out really cool!

19th June 2007, 17:35
Yea, about the stretching, i was contemplating between the 26 and 27. The 26 was REALLLLLLLY tight and hard to button, but the 27 was a good comfortable tight fit.

Though the guy at the store told me to get the 26 because if i could get the button done then it would definitely fit as it stretches!

I hope they don't stretch much anymore :(