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10th June 2007, 02:02
alright everybody..

seems like there's lot of Nike Air Max 90 connected or using and Dutch people on this site.

I am a HUGE fan of the 90, I honestly do LOVE them. I live in the Netherlands, and I see SO MUCH Nike Air Max 90 wearing people here and other Nike Air Max series. It really by far has to be the most Air Max (90) popular wearing country on this planet.

So what I would like to find out now is; can anyone find some stats or facts or something on what country has the most Nike Air Max 90 wearing people compared in average so I can proof whether what I believe is real or not

10th June 2007, 02:12
you guys have gabbers to thank for that... :lol:

10th June 2007, 02:16

that's the Air Max CLASSIC BW!!

don't get it twisted :P

u mean we got foreigners like me and such people that made the Air Max 90 to what it is now :D

10th June 2007, 02:21
Damn AM90 where my favourite shoe too, but now i got only love for the AM1

10th June 2007, 02:23
how come?

10th June 2007, 02:39
Mhh first I thought eww the AM1 looks a lil ugly but i dont know how it cames maybe cause i was checking hypebeast everyday...
go looking for them am1 amsterdamm's those are one of the limited and hype'd ones and i love em !
(regular price is +400$ when you want one now)

10th June 2007, 10:39
I'm an AM1 guy too....

GSKO you foreigner? I thought you look pretty... non foreigner :lol:

10th June 2007, 11:58
I like AM90 too, but i like AM1 more. ;)
I think that AM90 is more for boys than girls.
So i have 1 pair of air max90 an that is the airmax90 concord. :)

10th June 2007, 12:21
I'm an AM1 guy too....

GSKO you foreigner? I thought you look pretty... non foreigner :lol:

yeah I'm a foreigner but just don't give me shit about it :P I'm a good person :lol:

but anyways u guys this seems to be already going a bit of topic.. isn't there anyone that's able to answer the thread question? :o

10th June 2007, 12:23
and I'm gonna be looking for some AM 1's too fast so kinda love those too :P

actually atm I also think their as cool as 90's but just in a little different way if you can understand what I'm saying

10th June 2007, 13:56
i really want to get my hands on the AM180. they seem to me as the true classic airmax

And those gabbers are so cool with theis aussies and cavello's. When i was 16 i had pair of cavello pants. 8)

10th June 2007, 14:43
my god.. just don't get me started on them :P

anywho try keeping them a little on the downlow on this thread plzzzz :D

I know they wear hella lot of those Classic BW's but we're talking Air Max 90 here :lol:

10th June 2007, 14:48
I don't like them either.. sorry jasko!

10th June 2007, 14:52
the Classic BW or 90?

10th June 2007, 14:57
Both! I prefer a converse, onitsuka tiger or red wing

10th June 2007, 15:11
no problem dude..

the thread wasn't supposed to be about whether u like them or not :P

10th June 2007, 15:23
haha i know!

10th June 2007, 15:37
Stats or facts about air max :lol:

10th June 2007, 15:42
yeah that's kinda what I'm looking for mate :P

10th June 2007, 16:06
I'just cant give you those dude :cry:

10th June 2007, 17:25
am1 are so much better than am90 imo
but air stabs r def the sickest although i've got a pair of air max lights