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10th May 2007, 22:55
What size should I get for a THIN FINN cool grey when I'm wearing the TFDBC at 29x32 :?: :?:

10th May 2007, 22:57

10th May 2007, 23:17
thanks. but wouldn't the 30x32 expand to a bigger size after prolonged wearing? i've always thought pre-washed jeans will expand after awhile.

10th May 2007, 23:40
in fact yeah all jeans will stretch, but @ pre-washes its very little because they are already washed and you wash them often (i guess)

11th May 2007, 00:04
with prewashes i've stayed to my true size and havent had a problem...

11th May 2007, 01:56
Go true to size.

11th May 2007, 01:59
I'd say you can't go wrong getting the same size since they'll stretch anyways.

11th May 2007, 02:13
I say size up. Why would you wear them alot without a wash? Esp. the greys, cause they are already extremely faded.

15th May 2007, 00:59
thanks guys. i appreciate it. :P

22nd May 2007, 07:03
i posted a reply but it didnt get through argh!!

anyways definitely keep true size or size down even because the cool greys are looser in my opinion, in fact my friends thought i were wearing slim jims

i have both tfdb and tfcg and i wear w30 in both so i say keep true size or size down, definitely NOT up

btw, your tfdbc look F***ing amazing, im getting ones in the same size so hopefully they will look like yours!!

oh and revolve are having a sale on the cool greys so check that out!