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21st April 2007, 19:28
Anyone on mynudies into the NHL?

Playoff time drives me mad!!!
Who are your picks for final 4?

West - Anaheim & San Jose
East - Buffalo & New Jersey

I have a feeling this won't be a popular thread...last year when I brought it up I think I got one reply.

21st April 2007, 19:53
when i saw the topic title i thought it was about field hocky, that's more popular here in Holland and around here (in Czechia is icehocky very popular i know)... and here we can't see the NHL on tv but i also don't like it

21st April 2007, 20:26
Always had a good eye on Oilers but really football is my game.

21st April 2007, 20:38

21st April 2007, 22:18
Sure do!
The hometown boys, Thrashers, got raped. :-/. Oh well, first year, what do you expect?


West: Sharks v. Wings
East: Ottawa v. Buffalo

Not my favorite teams, but my picks non the less.

I am rooting for the sharks though :wink:

21st April 2007, 22:25
i am a dedicated detroit sports fan - tigers, wings, pistons and unfortunately the lions

but looks like me and bill have a difference of opinions :)

i applaud the flames, because they have alot of heart but lets be realistic buddy theyre going down

tion -> its surprising that youre a sharks fan coming from edmonton? dont hear that much

coming out of the west: obviously detroit, although anaheim has a great squad this year
east: i like the rangers alot but im thinking buffalo or jerseys gonna take the conference

21st April 2007, 23:13
I can't really argue, but I have to cheer for my hometown boys. (who are losing as we speak :cry: )

22nd April 2007, 03:37
If the flames make it past the red wings...they might get the occasional cheer from me :wink:

I'm really an Oilers fan, but since they blew a tire for the last 25 games...sharks it is!

22nd April 2007, 03:40
Yeah what the hell happened to them?

An oilers fan cheering for the flames :shock: blasphemy :lol:

22nd April 2007, 03:43
how about the saginaw spirit?

22nd April 2007, 06:10
i am a little interested in hockey, only here in Norway though.
I remember when i was 14 i was into the NHL, the favourite was Pittsburg Penguins back then

22nd April 2007, 08:57
as a canadian overseas, with no access to real-time games, this thread is hard to take. i am frikkin' DYING to watch hockey. it's just not the same reading about it in the yomiuri shimbun :( :evil: :x

22nd April 2007, 09:21
how about the saginaw spirit?

haha hell yeah! colbert nation for the win!

22nd April 2007, 09:33
how about the saginaw spirit?

haha hell yeah! colbert nation for the win!
right on i'm glad someone got the reference!

22nd April 2007, 19:00
as a canadian overseas, with no access to real-time games, this thread is hard to take. i am frikkin' DYING to watch hockey. it's just not the same reading about it in the yomiuri shimbun :( :evil: :x

Can you get http://www.cbc.ca

You can watch real-time games here all playoffs!

22nd April 2007, 19:09
i know nothing about hockey much apart from these 3 things

Supposedly Canada is meant to kick total ass at ice hockey


Australia used to have an unbeatable womens field hockey team which suck now


Mighty ducks is an actual hockey team (i was shocked when i found out)

thank you

22nd April 2007, 19:10
They are now just called the ducks (as of this season). but you are right, they were the mighty ducks for a long time.

22nd April 2007, 19:20
why the name change? did they get bought out?

oh and were the ducks actually any good at hockey?

22nd April 2007, 19:35
They didn't get bought out...they realised that the 'mightly ducks' was a stupid name. Naming them after a disney movie was brilliant...

They are actually really good, could go far in the playoffs this year!

22nd April 2007, 19:51
Just wonder how it is going with the Penguins now, used to be my favourite team when i was playing hockey myself

22nd April 2007, 19:57
I used to like the Kariya/Selänne front of the mighty ducks, great players, good skating although not really backed up enough back then. From what I hear anaheim does really well nowadays.
With teams moving south I can't do anything other than root for the underdogs, the canadian teams.

22nd April 2007, 20:22
loste -> the pens got beat out the first round of the playoffs but they are an up and coming team, they have 3 of the youngest best players in the league
sidney crosby is said to be the next wayne gretsky and they also have evengi malkin who i say is the next sergie federov and the youngest stahhl brother jordan who is phenomnal

i could see the penguins amazing lineup getting ripped apart by trading their players for money, it always happens but with some reinforcement on their defense, next year the penguins are gonna be this years clevland cavaliers

22nd April 2007, 20:47
I wonder what will happen to Nashville after their playoff loss. They sure had a stacked team, but who knows what will happen to them now. Especially that the fans booed them off of the ice in their final game.

22nd April 2007, 21:12
oh ya....same goes for Atlanta, gave up a ton to make a playoff run, and now they're out!

Nashville had some hard luck having to play a pretty strong Sharks team in the first round.

22nd April 2007, 21:39
I think it's funny that the american teams can't even fill a stadium in the playoffs. The Detroit game last night wasn't a sellout. And last years playoffs, when the oilers made their cup run. The ducks were in the conference finals with them and they still couldn't fill to capacity.

Although If you were in Nashville, would you go to the "Gaylord entertainment centre" to watch your team :lol: . Glad they finally changed the name.

Too bad the American teams are so strong financially, when the real fans are in Canada (for the most part)

23rd April 2007, 00:18
bilmaga i completely agree with you, i barely get any canadian tv stations because im SO close to detroit, and during playoff time american broadcasting stations rather televise f*ckin nascar than the NHL

and when these goofy expansion teams from the southern US make the playoffs no one watches, i went to montreal in january and those french canadians LOVE their habs and yet montreal sucks so much a$$. It amazes me that expansion teams get opened up in places like Nashville and Columbus, but the NHL had to move the Nordiques out of Quebec to Colorado?

Id love to see Nashville get moved to like Yellowknife or somethin' and have those crazy native bastards go to spectate, then people would see what real hockey fans are like :)

23rd April 2007, 03:44
Can you get http://www.cbc.ca

You can watch real-time games here all playoffs!

Really? I didn't know that! I used to listen on the live radio on cbc.ca at other times, when I was in a similar bind, but, yeah, I'll try that! Thanks!!! :D

23rd April 2007, 05:36
Can you get http://www.cbc.ca

You can watch real-time games here all playoffs!

Really? I didn't know that! I used to listen on the live radio on cbc.ca at other times, when I was in a similar bind, but, yeah, I'll try that! Thanks!!! :D

I'm currently watching the Calgary/Detroit game online...

23rd April 2007, 06:23
Going into 2nd OT. Hoping for the best

23rd April 2007, 06:43
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

23rd April 2007, 06:54
DAMN :cry: :cry:

Well at least Kipprusoff played a hell of a game. He deserves a stanley cup.
As for the rest of team...

23rd April 2007, 06:57
Moss should have scored.

23rd April 2007, 07:08
To be completely honest. They didn't deserve to win. They played like shit throughout the series. The only thing that kept them alive was mikka.

To be almost doubled in shots in those six games is pitiful.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge flames fan, I have been since as far back as I can remember. I'm not one of the bandwagoners that jumps on and off. But I call a spade a spade, and they didn't deserve to win.

Imagine if kipper was the red wings goalie :wink: I would def. put money on that team :lol:

23rd April 2007, 07:48
You'd figure most of the Canucks would be in this thread :lol:
My ex is from BC and she's a FOOOOOKING HUUUUUGE Nucks fan. I swear nothing could come between her and them. She had me watching them too. Kinda glad that's over with :)

23rd April 2007, 08:11
watch your tongue Ghost!

Kippers was incredible, but no, they did not deserve the win. I was really hoping for them to knock off the Red Wings though...it would have helped me in my hockey pools!

24th April 2007, 03:26
Calgary just didnt play like a team throughout the whole series. It was just so frustrating watching. Its funny how Jim Playfair's name totally contradicts the way the flames played. Detroit fans probably pity us for the way this series turned out.

8th May 2007, 16:43
Well, it's time to bid farewell to my Sharks avatar...the Red Wings showed their strength for the first time in a number of years, good on them.

A brief moment of silence for San Jose

8th May 2007, 16:56
Alright, that's long enough...Go Buffalo!

Johnny Cache
8th May 2007, 17:15
nice ride, but i'm afraid the wings run ends here. they are too banged up, and j.s. giguere is standing on his head, looking eerily similar to the guy who basically took them to the cup finals in '03. still, the wings had a lot better season than i thought they would this year. i can't say i'm a huge hockey or even a huge wings fan but still..props.

8th May 2007, 17:30
lol tion you keep jumpin ship bro! if i was you i'd put ottawa as my avator not buffalo

at the beginning of the series i was thinkin o f*ck my wings might not beat san jose, but in all honesty the last two games san jose played like complete shit - i tip my hat to a great team with some great players

8th May 2007, 18:10
I gave up watching hockey as soon as the Colorado Avalanche were out of the runnings...


9th May 2007, 02:36
I'm now cheering for the ducks. If they make it to the finals, I have free tickets :D :D :D

3rd June 2007, 20:43
I'm rootin' for the ducks now too Mr. Maga!

All my teams seem to get upended...so this doesn't look promising for the ducks...
You get tickets?

3rd June 2007, 21:25
I did.

But I couldn't get away from work, so I gave them to a couple of friends.

I should have sold them, but I got them last minute, and it would have been a hassle to throw them up on e-bay.

13th November 2007, 07:30
Well looks like the 2007/2008 season has begun, and of course my Red Wings are off to a glorious 13-3 start. Any predictions this year? Who do you guys like to win the Cup?
Im gonna say the Red Wings look just absolutley fearsome throughout the regular season, win the Central and have the best record in the Western Conference, only to loose in the second round to a team like Chicago or Dallas on account of a hot goaltender.

Bill - your Flames arent looking too bad this year bro lol. The two teams from Alberta seem to fit pretty nicely in the last two spots in the Northwest. Im joking lol Al MacInnis got deducted into the Hall of Fame, was that a big ticket item in Calgary this week?
You guys will pick it up soon, you got alot of vets on your team this year eh? Owen Nolan, Stephane Yelle, Wayne Primeau. I love Alex Tanguay and Dion Phenuf is phenomenal on the blue line. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys beat us in the first round. Kipper needs to pick up his goals against though..

Anyways, lots of new guys to MyNudies this year, any hockey fans out there? State your team and why you love 'em!!

13th November 2007, 07:33
Sure rub it in;-)

We usually start off slow, but this is a pretty weak start if you ask me.

We still have to go to a game one of these days. That's right, I didn't forget.

13th November 2007, 15:26
ah man I've lost track of it all. with Helsingborg in the UEFA cup and the formula1 hockey has'nt been a priority. Red Wings look good with the swedes and all.

13th November 2007, 17:48
For sure, I know a bunch of guys who moved to Calgary on the count of the economy, so when I go visit them I'll definately send you a PM to set something up.
Speaking of which, Bill are you born and raised in Calgary or moved there for work? Seems like everyone wants to go to the west cause you guys are booming so much..

13th November 2007, 18:04
Swedish team :D!.

14th November 2007, 00:53
Just saw that one of my old favourites got his place in the hall of fame, Mr Mark Messier. great player :)

reguar, faaan Rögle!

14th November 2007, 01:05

Yeah bilmaga. I love the flames too. The nudies get to take a trip to the flames/oilers game this saturday. Should be a good time.

14th November 2007, 01:09
I am i hockey player and i work in a pro shop. Thought id mention that when i was like 13 i went to Sweden for hockey. I know that they dont have the best record but i also gotta say LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!

14th November 2007, 03:32
@ Exile

Yeah man, you should def. look me up when you come down. Regardless of whether or not a hockey game is here.

To answer your question, I was born and raised in Calgary. The last few years have been crazy. I have never been so busy at work. There is too much damn money in this city, and the arrogance of people is really starting to get to me. Not to mention the fact that our road system isn't really made for heavy traffic. Before this crazy boom, it used to take me 15 min to commute to work. Now, I am lucky to get there in under an hour.

14th November 2007, 03:38
Let's go FLYERS!!!

14th November 2007, 03:45
minnesota wild anyone?

14th November 2007, 03:54
Team names started to suck when they stopped having an "s" on the end...and of course a team named "Mighty Ducks"

Wild? Avalanche? Lightning?

And it's LEAVES not Leafs. Geez....those original 6...can't even spell.

And what the hell was a Nordique??


5th February 2008, 02:36
Reviving this thread.

I LOVE Hockey! In fact, I play hockey. I play goalie.... Just like with this forum, I'm on another forum that is nitpicky with their goods. Who woulda thought just a pair of jeans or goalie pads could have so many intricate little details inside 'em.

Well since I'm from So Cal., It's all about the ducks for me! WOOHOO!

Do any of you other Nudie people play hockey/sports? YOu guys that post your jean fits seem too skinny to play anything.:shock:;-)

5th February 2008, 03:39
GOLF DUCKS GOLF! I'm a HUGE avs fan. I play lacrosse (goalie)

21st March 2008, 12:00
go canucks go, although canucks never wins the hockey league, lol.

21st March 2008, 13:52
I love hockey.

my citys team won the semi finals .yiiiihhaaaaa

now were off to the finale.

best out of 7 games.

STORHAMAR is Best in Norway:-D

26th March 2008, 04:13
go sens

27th March 2008, 00:56
Just came home from a hockey match.
We won. YEAH!!!

it was the first of seven finale games.

we are in the final. and now we won the first game.
the best out of 7 games wins this season.


29th March 2008, 23:21
No i dont

30th March 2008, 00:43
go sens

your senators are a disgrace my son.

30th March 2008, 01:28
keep in mind that the leafs wont even make the playoffs before you insult the sens
but yeah, theyve gone way downhill since the start of the season

30th March 2008, 01:34
been 91 years and this is the first year leafs failed to get in playoffs missing it 3 times in a row

30th March 2008, 01:38
i always loved this pic

30th March 2008, 06:00
hahahaha...maple leafs suck, indeed!

15th April 2008, 00:58
yes the maple leafs do suck, if you look at Windsor on a map of Canada, you'll notice we're located very close to the city of Detroit (Im actually originally from Flint)

President's Trophy anyone?

So no I'm not a maple leaf fan, I know Bil is a raging Calgary Flames fan, and I wish nothing but the best to the C Flames after last nights come from behind victory. They play a hard nosed style of hockey and when they're on their game, they look good.

Ottawa is disgrace to hockey, but it's not like they don't have talent. I think theres something not right in the dressing room, players aren't getting along, the team chemistry is just not there. Too bad, what a waste of a group of good hockey players.

Anyways, my prediction for this year's Stanley Cup winner is obviously the Pittsburgh Penguins, they are simply too strong, and MVP of the playoffs will either go to Marc Andre Fleury or Evgeni Malkin.


15th April 2008, 01:04
flames come back last night

15th April 2008, 01:13
My team or i should say, the teamm from my city won the series this year.
It was an awsome finale game.

We scored after 17 minutes of sudden death. Pretty intense.


We are the champions.....again...hehe

22nd April 2008, 23:20
nice riots going on in montreal! now you guys know what an average sunday football derby is around here. ah the tension, the adrenaline, cops yelling in their radios for shields and dogs and horses, the smell of gunpowder and eyes watering from mace...

love it. monday we got malmö at home.

22nd April 2008, 23:56
Ive only been to the Bell Centre once to watch a game and it was last year around January, and it was still crazy
Drunken french canadians, yelling things in a language i forgot how to understand after the 8th grade, guzzling molson export, it was good times!

23rd April 2008, 00:12
I think Dallas'll make it all the way to the finals,
along with Pitsburgh,
That would be a siiiiick stanley cup final matchup,
I'm still sore about the 05/06 season when the oilers lost in game 7.

23rd April 2008, 00:24
Im not going to lie to you, I like Dallas, I like Brad Richards, and i think he looks good as f*ck wearing # 91.

Im with you about Pittsburgh, they are just looking unstoppable, I would be kinda shocked if they didn't win the east/the stanley cup.

But who knows, depending on what happens tonight The Wings would play either Calgary or Colorado (which I would prefer Calgary) Dallas is the 3rd highest seed in the West so they would play either San Jose (if they win) or Colorado.

I love hockey playoffs.

23rd April 2008, 00:30
If washington wins tonight,
The Pits/Wash series is going to be sick,
Crosby meets Ovechkin when it matters most.

23rd April 2008, 03:45
mmmm go calgary
tonight is game seven

23rd April 2008, 07:47
Tough loss Albertians.

You have to admit that San Jose has way more seconday scoring then Calgary, that really showed tonight. Calgary is limited to two maybe three guys that can put the puck in the net, San Jose didn't make all those moves at the trade deadline for no reason.

You guys definately had the heart though, tough break C Flames fans.

23rd April 2008, 07:54
Ratty display by the flames tonight.
I notice they get in a rut and play what resembles pond hockey.

Tough loss, but the hype was good for this city the last few weeks.

23rd April 2008, 15:57
Sharks Babbyyy