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12th March 2004, 01:16
Hey, I've noticed a lot of fashion designers are putting out cool t-shirts that are selling for mucho money. Some of them I feel I can make myself.


Anyone got suggestions on what paint and brushes to use to design my own tees?



16th September 2004, 18:24
You can get a starter kit with frame, paint, screen, etc. for pretty cheap. It usually comes with a manual as well. Good luck!

19th October 2005, 22:28
i gonna make a t-shirt with my own face, THATS BLING:D

19th October 2005, 23:55
LOL none of you ever took a graphic design class in highschool or anything? Screen printing isn't tough. But if you wanna do it well you're going to need some fairly expensive supplies and I'm not just talking ink and emulsion.

20th October 2005, 10:00
here a site with some nice t-shirts designed by private people. if you are registred, you can vote for the shirts. the most popular 5 (i think) will be printed and you can buy it.

there are some very nice designs and it is very rare and limitetd stuff ... take a look: www.threadless.com