View Full Version : So what do you guys (and gals) do?

23rd March 2007, 19:18
what do you you do for work?/school?/etc.

I'm a second year graphic design student, a barista at a coffee shop, and I take on a landscaping job over the summer to earn enough coin to turn around and spend it on denim (not to mention it allows for some great wear and tear on my jeans haha)

23rd March 2007, 19:21
production assistant for a high-definition TV show

but I tell all the womenz that I'm an Associate Producer

Regular Bas
23rd March 2007, 19:25
i'm still in school, 4 Havo,
work at the Albert Heijn (supermarket)

thinking about going to move after my havo, maybe Australia or Japan,

we'll see


23rd March 2007, 19:26

Sorry, but there already is such a topic. This topic is closed. :)