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Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 14:02
hi guys, it's my 16th birthday this thursday but i don't know a present muhahah.

you guys have any suggestions?


11th March 2007, 14:06
Ask money so you can buy Nudies. ;)

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 14:14
i'll ask money but my parents always give me a present. because they don't like giving money on my birthday.

but i will buy some nudie stuff after my bd

but some more suggestions i still dont know

11th March 2007, 14:50
Band of Brothers DVD serie, the best serie ever!

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 14:56
that sounds nice,

but i was thinking about clothing or stuff, wallet or jacket or so
the BOB Dvd's are good though

11th March 2007, 17:47
maybe some clothes from APC?

or an ALD belt?

11th March 2007, 17:54
or a very nice leather jacket from gucci :P

11th March 2007, 17:55
My suggestion: get yourself a totally worn out, and if you like, ripped up pair of jeans from a second hand shop or thrift store or some such.

If you're lucky, you pay very little, and will have the coolest garment for the approaching spring/summer....with someone else having done all the wearing in for you!

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 18:32
yes thats cool. but i like doing the wear in myself.

maybe my parents like the alberto jacket:D

we'll see;)

thanks guys