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Regular Bas
10th March 2007, 23:54
hi guys,

Fhunkit and i were talking about H&M dry denim and we were just kidding about buying a pair and do all sorts of crazy stuff in them during one day, like going to my uncles steelfactory and just mess around, playing with dirt and bleech and stuff, just to look what would happen.

you guys know some more things to do? or someone who wants to join the Bas couple?
maybe this summer?
we're really going to do it i guess


11th March 2007, 00:05
i'm in if i can find a pair

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 00:08
there is an HM shop in Breda (near where i live) so we can go shopping the day before we go crazy :lol:
example: friday we go shopping, saturday we go totally mad :twisted:
i'll call hm to ask if they have dry denim,

11th March 2007, 00:29
i live in the states

i'll hit up my local H&M sometime :wink:

11th March 2007, 00:36
got paintballing in a foresty place

the pait is water soluble so will come out when you wash them but you will roll around on the ground a lot in them and also get them muddy.

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 00:39
that one's nice to :D

11th March 2007, 18:52
haha im not abusing mine. their actually very nice jeans for the price. im on day 6, but i havent gotten too rough with them yet (i got tackled on the way to my car the other morning, but thats really the extent)

Regular Bas
11th March 2007, 19:45

it's just to try if we can give a jeans a worn out look in one day. and that we'll act mad is just for fun

but i like the HM jeans, the quality is good and the price isn't that high

so hm would be a good choice.

Maybe we can huire a high-pressure cleaner (don't know if its translated correctly) and wash the jeans with it instead of the washing machine

11th March 2007, 20:21
ha you guys are crazy... but at least i got the same thought the last days.... to rock a dry jeans by hennes and mauritz, but i don't know if i would fit in one of them...
like to see some of youre results in future with pre and after pix... even better while you're rockin' them

doe dat!


11th March 2007, 21:22
Hey I'm gone for some hours free running and shit.. And when I come back my same-name-guy is chatting whole up about the vacation, It will be very nice I think...

BAS&BAS lol..

What's the price for the HM jeans, I don't know that actually

Regular Bas
12th March 2007, 19:11
Hm jeans aren't that expensive i think, good qualitie does matter though,

i think Hm would be best, I will call HM breda tomorrow, to busy today sorry,

sorry bout the PH instead of FH hé Fhunkit

12th March 2007, 19:16
just buy some stfs, probably cheaper and levis is a more respectable brand than H&M

12th March 2007, 22:33
levi's jeans are expensive?? around 100 euros or more...

H&M is like 40 i think

12th March 2007, 22:54
You can find Levi's for $30 in the US, or some other really cheap jeans at Wal-Mart. The Euro line is way more expensive though, around 100 euros at least.