View Full Version : Thin Finns vs. Slim Jim sizing

AP Zak Attack
9th March 2007, 00:10
So I have two pairs of slim jims and I want something with more of a taper but fits the same as the slim jim in the thigh (if that makes any sense). I was wondering if I could pull that off with a pair of thin finns.

I wear a 34 with my slim jims and I tried on a pair of 32s in thin finn pre-wash.. the waist fit fine but the legs were super tight to my liking.

So I guess my question is if I was to try on 34 thin finn drys would they fit like my slim jims just with a tapper? I'm sure they will probably stretch out alittle which will help.

ps... I couldn't find a specific answer to that question through the search thats why I made a new topic.... sorry if thats still poor procedure. I know people not using the search gets annoying.

9th March 2007, 02:53
Just get your jims altered. The problem with the finns is the low yoke if you want them to fit like jims. Unless the yoke doesn't bother you.

What about sizing up a TLJ???

9th March 2007, 03:10
just get a pair of even stevens - same rise, slight taper (not as much as finns), but ES does have a lower yoke like finns.

9th March 2007, 03:51
Keep in mind that the ES is quite a bit baggier as well. If you like the way your jims fit, it might not be a good choice. But it all depends on what you like.

AP Zak Attack
9th March 2007, 08:15
Cool guys thanks,

I might have my jims tapered... but i also want some new ones (Black drys or dry black coated) thats why i was thinking about thin finns.

I don't have a problem with the low yoke I actually like the low yoke look anyways... I just don't want them to look painted on....

9th March 2007, 15:55
So, if you have the ability to try on a pre-wash, how come you can't try on a dry?

AP Zak Attack
9th March 2007, 18:00
My dude that works at a store that sells nudies lets me try them on when they first come in to see what pair I want to get (I ended up going with the SJ Dry Japans) and for some reason his order got messed up and they didn't get and thin finn drys in. So I had to wait..... and then the owner of the company just desided to close... and he they still have a pair of Lindeberg tux pant that i had tailored and no one can get ahold of the owner to get my pants back....

Sorry for the venting I really liked those pants... plus I prepaid for them.

ANYWAYS.... Thanks for the help, there are a pair of thin finns on ebay in my size will all the tags on them.... I think I might buy them... and if they don't fit I'll just sell them.

10th March 2007, 02:57
No worries.
Keep me posted on how it goes.