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16th February 2007, 17:49
Does the leg size of TF (specifically TFDBC) increase the larger the size? I take a size 31 waist which is about 15" at the calves. I'm wondering if there's a larger size that's about 17" at the calves. Damn my muscular legs!

16th February 2007, 19:25
If you look at the charts on fos5 you will see that the larger the waist, the larger the other dimensions. So I preume everything tries to be in proportion, meaning that each size has a slightly different fit everywhere. Some brands seem to be notorious for not being true to size or differing from garment to garment tagged the same size, but I do not think this true of Nudies.
I just got my TFDBC and I find they are made tight in the thighs. My other Nudies are SSK and TLJ, both tight in the legs. The TF seems closer to the TLJ in the leg/ankle dimensions.
Given the stretch material blended with the denim, I think they will stretch out somewhat, but don't expect them not to be tight in the legs. They would be difficult for a cyclist to wear who develops his calves and upper legs with exercise.
BTW--I looked in on ebay. You did pretty well on those extra TFDBC you had--there is a real demand for them.
Mine are also 31/34---the 32/34 would probably have a bit more in the leg openings.

16th February 2007, 19:40
I compared the leg of the 32x34 to the 31x34 by laying one on top of the other and the difference seems to be negligible. I'm afraid if I size up to a 34 I'll be swimming in the pants up top and they'll be tight on the bottom. Maybe I should just give up with the Thin Finns; I don't seem to have the body for them. Oh, and the buyer backed out of my TFDBC. I sold to a few bidders down for $150 even. Made a small profit, but a profit nonetheless.

16th February 2007, 20:56
my bro tried on a 30 and 29 and the leg opening was like 1cm or so different but it made the whole cut different.