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12th February 2007, 23:05
My TFDBC were posted from fos5 today to the UK.

Anyone know when I should expect them to arrive?! I'm hoping by 8.45a.m Thursday otherwise I'll have to wait till next monday!

13th February 2007, 01:03
I think you're gonna get them. Let us know. I am in Puerto Rico, and I get the orders they post to me in three days, once in two days. fos5 is very efficient at getting the parcels sent out.
I ordered my TFDBC from them on Saturday--they were also posted Monday, so I hope to have 'em maybe to-morrow.

13th February 2007, 04:00
When I order from fos5 it usually takes 1 1/2 weeks. No fault of fos5 but that of customs.

The thing that I don't understand is that I order stuff from all over the world and the stuff that takes the longest to get to me is the stuff that leaves from the US. Being a continent that is attached to the US I would figure it would be the fastest.

13th February 2007, 18:02
Like I said before, I think Canada customs is very thorough and tight, so that may be a reason for the delay. Yet, there should be no reason that I can think of for a package from the US to be delayed longer than from another country. Fos5 is in Hawaii, so there would be a bit longer coming from there.
Usually US customs will not even bother with a package of personal clothing--that has been my experience.

14th February 2007, 03:38
Canada customs does suck. I buy snus and I get hit with crazy duties. Sometimes they slip through without getting caught, but when they do get held up, I almost go broke :P

14th February 2007, 18:18
Guess I was wrong---didn't get my TFDBC to-day :cry:
There's always to-morrow, and at least now I know after a long attempt to buy them that they are on the way! :D

14th February 2007, 18:26
good to hear that ure gonna get the finns sunpup! :D

16th February 2007, 19:28
Yeah they arrived to-day, so Sarge in the UK probably has a bit longer wait. Usually the mail is faster.

17th February 2007, 17:25
Yeah got mine this morning. Although they should have gone to my Liverpool address they went to my Wolverhampton address so I can now wear them straight away!! Lucky bonus!!!