View Full Version : Thin Finn Dry Black Coated Sizing

10th February 2007, 15:53
Do these fit exactly the same size-wise as the blue thin finn dry stretch? thinking about getting some but have had black jeans in the past the same style as blue and they were slightly tighter than the blue one's.

10th February 2007, 16:08
there u go..maybe that will help


not sure bout the DS but to compare it with my DB, the DBC is a bit looser..hope that helps :roll:

11th February 2007, 00:10
ive got the sjdg in 28x32 and had to size down for the tfdbc , but im not a skinny guy so if you are then you could probabily size down twice.

I think the combination of stretch denim and thin/low weight denim cause them to fit a little large. I also think that the tfdbc is a slightly differnent cut to other thin finns because mine dont have a saggy arse at all.