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29th January 2007, 16:11
Well I'm thinkin of buying a pair of Thin Finn. But I'm worried a bit about the size. I'm a sales assistant in shop were we sell nudies, so I tried to fitt a 34-34 but I was to tight for me (yes I'm fat 8) ). So I could try a 36-34, but I'm not sure if I can get this size.
Does anybody have a oversized thin finn ?? tell me about it.

29th January 2007, 16:16
My Thinn finn is oversized and it fits great. :wink:

29th January 2007, 16:59
Do you mean oversized, like a 36, or like one size bigger than people normally wear?

Because I wear my finns tight, and one size bigger and I love them both.

If you work at a store that sells nudie, you shouldn't have a problem trying on lots till you find the one you like

29th January 2007, 17:29
yeah dude if youre working at a shop that sells nudie u wont hav any probs on asking the supplier bout sizes they made for TF..and shouldnt u be more knowledgeable bout nudie than most of us? :lol:

29th January 2007, 18:26
Yeah I know... but I?ve never seen a size 36/34 ....

29th January 2007, 18:42
Oh sorry, i thought you mean if you wear your tf oversized.
but you mean a 36/34

29th January 2007, 18:45
although it doesnt sound likely. i have heard of freakish type nudie sizes. like ralfs coming in 28/30 or kims coming in 24-32s. so just ask the suppliers to make sure and order yourself a pair.

29th January 2007, 18:45
hurm..ill look around and will let u know if i find one..so far 34 is d biggest

29th January 2007, 19:33
i have a 36/34 RR so i think they make 36 in al types. Otherwise my brother 1.95 108 kg cant fit nudie. Lol he is a fatso. I tailored the 36/34 RR tot a 33 /34 that for only 50 total (jeans + tailor)

captain yellow shirt
17th February 2007, 21:18
hey Sheed0 did you ever get your jeans? if so can you post some pics of you wearing them. I too would like to see how thin finns look oversized since i have an atheletic build.

And anyone else out there wearing finns loose can you post some pics..im not trying to look all EMO.

I wear my jims fitted bot wish the opening was narrower so thats why im considering finns since they are similar

17th February 2007, 22:31
matthew izzo is gonna have some soon, march i think. they have some cool grey TF's in 36x34, that i considered (im same size, but just cause im tall/skinny), but im gonna lay off for a while until they have dry blacks in my size

18th February 2007, 04:12
Why not try a pair of ES. They are basically an oversized finn?

They also have bigger sizes. Fos5 has some organics in larger sizes as well.