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28th January 2007, 15:33
hi guys, sorry if this sort of question has been covered a million times but i've had a look on the forum to see if i can find an answer and nothing quite fits the bill, like a few people i need to buy online without trying a pair of TF on so if anyone could help me out that would be much appreciated!

basically i'm looking for a shrinkage comparison with the cheap monday dry jeans, i take a waist 32 and wear them kind of low and quite slim (but have never downsized), but the cheaps shrank quite a lot especially on the leg and definitely don't stretch to anywhere near how they were when i got them....having said that i didnt wear them for months before my first wash so i don't know whether that effects the stretch/shrink or just the colour?

from most accounts it seems the TF stretch with initial wear and after the wash shrink a little but then also stretch out to how they were pre-wash...so if this is the case i may need to downsize a little as the pre-wash cheaps were pretty slack if they are anything similar...

if anyone has a pair of both and can give a bit of advice that would be just swell, thanks in advance!

~ a nudie virgin ~

17th February 2007, 17:42
Cheap Mondays shrink a LOT more!! I haven't been able to get back in my CM after washing them. Just put your nudie's on when they're still damp and stretch them back to the right length and waist. Be careful not to do any squats though cuz the pressure put on the knees will leave you with saggy knees! Cheap monday's look nowhere near as good after washing either.

18th February 2007, 12:18
@ plastic_goose: I believe you asked me what size I bought a while ago. I told you I bought size 30/34 and indicated that 31/34 might have been ok as well. By now (two weeks later) I'm sure 30/34 is most certainly not too tight: they stretched out a lot! I think even size 29/34 would fit (although snugly). That being said... I have no idea how much my TF will shink... I hope not too much in length, because I kinda like them the way they are right now...

18th February 2007, 13:25
yes the cheaps shrunk loads when i washed them! the waist was much much tighter...

i just got in the post my first pair of nudies actually and after much deliberation i went for the 31/32 (my normal waist is 32) and the fit is absolutely perfect, however as i haven't worn them i'm thinking that as the fit is perfect on first try, i will probably be better off with the 30/32 so it will stretch into a similar fit to now

the waist fastens very easily at the moment so i think i can fit into a 30 and hopefully there will be minimal waist shrinkage when i first wash them, that's my only concern but as sarge says if i wear them when they are damp hopefully it should be fine...i'm assuming this applies to the first wash only?

thanks all for your help and advice!

19th February 2007, 22:23
I wear a 30x34 in Thin Finn and it's very comfortable now that it's stretched out, but tight enough that I don't need a belt. I'm looking at picking up a "Tight" or "Narrow" style Cheap Monday, but I'm not sure what size would fit me...

Going by your experience Goose, it sounds like a 32 or a 31 in the Cheap Monday would fit me. I think if the Cheap Monday denim shrinks so dramatically, I'd rather wash them regularly then wear them dry until they are washed where upon they will never fit me again. Should I size up further to a 33? I'd like to have some idea before I go to a store downtown, as I'm not sure if the staff will have any idea what they're talking about haha.

20th February 2007, 10:51
yeh the cheaps shrunk quite a lot when i got them, basically i'm a 32/32 so got a pair of those in the tight model and they seemed quite loose to start with so i washed them straight away to see what would happen (i hadn't come across the wearing them in bit yet!) and they shrunk a lot all over, the waist was now pretty tight on me, more similar i'd say to a 31 and the legs also (a lot tighter than the pictures of washed finns i've seen on here, the narrow would be even more so!)

they haven't stretched out at all subsequently so they are still pretty tight, although i can't make a true comparison to the finns as i haven't washed them yet but by all accounts they won't shrink as much...

the cheap tag stated that they "may shrink up to 7%" with first wash which is definitely more than true!

basically i think my ideal size in a cheap would be 33 waist (which they don't do in my leg size) and in a nudie it would be 30 (and hoping they don't shrink too much when i wash them!)

hope that's helpful!

(ps. i didn't try stretching the cheaps out when they were wet on the first wash whch might also make a difference but i can't be sure...)

20th February 2007, 10:54
by the way, the ones i got were the raw blue unwash, i've got a pair of 32/32 in a pre-wash as well and they are not quite as tight but still more so that a finn i think!