View Full Version : Where can i find TFDB's in 26-27x32

25th January 2007, 01:34
i found some SJDJ online, but id much rather have the thin finn cut. anyone have any online connections?

Dry Comfort black will also do, but is not preferred

thanks for any help here - newbie

25th January 2007, 04:07
Dry Comfort black will also do, but is not preferred

Do they make those?

25th January 2007, 04:40
Dry Comfort - rather, no "black" involved

they look like they fit amazingly, but i cant find a 26x32 or 27x32 anywhere


25th January 2007, 04:58
Dry comforts aren't that common to begin with (at least online) and finding them in a 26 or 27 makes it even tougher. I bought my comfors at revolve, but obviously you have seen that site.

26th January 2007, 01:46
i have a question too stupid to start a new topic or to do a search on

do all thin finns have stretch in them? are they made 100% cotton?

26th January 2007, 06:29
try emailing either revolveclothing.com or kitchener.ch to see if they can special order it for you. kitchener has the dry black, just not in the 26/27 waist you are looking for.

26th January 2007, 06:32
oh, also try oipolloi.com, they have the thin finns in a 28/32, but try emailing them as well.

26th January 2007, 09:07
thanks for all the help guys

i just gave up on these and got some slim kims instead - i think the low waist makes them more appealing to me