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24th January 2007, 00:51
Do the 'dry comfort' TF's take longer to break in than the 'dry'? and does anyone have pics of any decently broken in dry comfort jeans and maybe some close ups of the fading (before wash)? I looked in the gallery but I didn't find many 'dry comfort' and the ones I did find were very early on in the process. Also, seems my monitor is screwed or other peoples monitors are :s but ar ethe dry comforts greyish? or a dark blue?

24th January 2007, 02:16
My DC are at about 3 months right now, and they are starting to fade quite well. As for the color question, its pretty hard to describe. I have some pics I can probably get up in a day or two to try to help out, its quite hard finding the right light with the camera I'm using :cry:

The only thing I can say about the fading is that after 3 weeks or so, my hands were STILL blue at the end of the day. Usually it wears off by then. Needless to say my white vans were destroyed :(

24th January 2007, 02:37
Alright thanks for the help dude, I read around the forums a bit and people said they had trouble with any signs of fade in after 6-7months, so I was kinda iffy about it. It would be cool if you could get the pics up, if not it's fine and thanks for the help again. Also, how's the blue stitching on the back? I kinda like the orange stitching on the drys/blacks, is the blue noticeable at all? or does it just disappear with the random colour (haha) of the jeans?

24th January 2007, 05:47
I think the blue stitching is kinda cool. I own the comforts as well. You can't really notice the stitching at first, but as the denim fades, it becomes more pronounced. And after the first wash, I'm assuming it will look really good

24th January 2007, 08:13
Yeah I'll try for sure dude!
Again, its pretty hard to get the right color, the color of the jeans is pretty difficult to capture. Mine are fading pretty well, but I've been wearing them mostly every day.
As for the blue stitching, it gets more pronounced as they fade. The stitching on my wallet pocket is pretty noticable, but as bilmaga said I'm sure it will be more visible when they get washed. If you want everyone to know you're wearing Nudies, then you might not like them haha :wink:

24th January 2007, 08:49
Here, I got them up earlier then I expected :D

I hope these help you out, remember, they are only 3 months, so no pyrotechnics...





24th January 2007, 18:28
Mmm they look pretty good, thanks for the pics. And about the stitching, it's not really about people knowing I wear Nudies, I just thinks it looks nicer when you have certain parts of clothing defined e.g. the orange (Bright) on the black (Dark) looks good, but I may just go with the comforts.

25th January 2007, 02:00
Yeah I hear you.
I do believe that the threading is actually indigo thread, so it does fade somewhat. I haven't noticed it on my back pockets, but on blue stitching elsewhere on the jeans. Can anyone clarify this?

25th January 2007, 02:22
yeah I have dry comforts that are about 4-5 months old. I thought that they were harder to break in b/c i saw some pics of other peoples 4-5 month jeans and they had reallllly pronounced fading. But i think it's just how hard they wore it, i'm not sure.

i'll try to put up pictures of how mine are looking as soon as possible.

25th January 2007, 02:25
these look great!

im looking for a pair in my size as we speak

25th January 2007, 04:03
I really like the colour of the denim in the comforts.

26th January 2007, 02:17
About the colour, I can confirm that I see a dark blue to the jeans, anyone else?

27th January 2007, 01:37
The color is still a little off, its darker in real life. But again, the color of the comfort denim is much to hard to classify..

27th January 2007, 06:18
Yes the colour is hard to classify. When I put my comforts next to my other jeans, They look way different.

27th January 2007, 19:49
the point with the dry comfort denim is that its less stretchy than the normal dry stretch denim because there is a percent less lycra in it

28th January 2007, 00:39
But it's really streaky and two-tone looking. I can't see how 1% lycra will do that

1st February 2007, 05:20
i dont know

27th February 2007, 18:53

heres my DC's ~4 months no wash, these were once covered in mud from kneewalking across a wet football field.. drunk! and my gf dragged me around a sandbox.. thats how i 'think' i got the holes.. bitch.. in need of a repair anyhow!
Also, ive been working quite hard in them, and playing a bit in the snow :)

back: http://www.imgtank.com/hpics/show.php?img=226286DSC00238Large646.jpg

27th February 2007, 19:12
looks pretty cool but if I where you I would ask some jeans from nudie so you can patch the knee wholes!

maybe that looks cool! how is the rest thinking about it??

28th February 2007, 02:50
Those look really good. I would personally leave the holes in the knees.

28th February 2007, 17:22
Thanks! Yeah I dont feel uncomfortable with the holes.. It's just that I think it will tear up the whole knee-area a not-so-sunny day :(