View Full Version : Nudie newbie.

12th January 2007, 00:23
I bought my first pair of nudies this week, a pair of RRDS.
Well, I have some problems.

I am not a very tall person, still I have 34 inches in the waist.
Because of my shortness I always have to hem (I think it's called 'hem') my jeans.
The reason to why I'm worried is that my friend, a more experienced jeans-user, tells me I can't hem them, just because they are selvage sewn. When i cuff them I have to fold them up several times to get the right length, I don't know, it looks a bit strange to me. But it's maybe because of my lack of experience.
Please help me.


12th January 2007, 00:37
They can be hemmed. You just have to take them to a good tailor. I'm short, too, and take all my jeans to a tailor who reattaches the original hem.

12th January 2007, 01:05
yep, a good tailor can definitely hem your jeans and the original hem is large enough to reattach it