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7th January 2007, 13:56
Hey denim cats
just wondering abouyt dry soaking my new Ande Whalls-
the denim is so stiff its starting to hurt me behind the knees!
what good is cold soaking, can i spin dry them in the machine afterwards, and will it soften my denim?
thanks for your help~

7th January 2007, 14:32
Wow! they must be super stiff if they're hurting you knees! :)

I dont know if AW's are startched. A soak would remove some of this and although they'll still feel stiff after they've dried they should soften up after a day or two wear.

7th January 2007, 14:39
thanks man,
ive been looking at past threads about cold soaking, and im not sure if its such a good idea...
have you done it? would you wear them dry?

7th January 2007, 20:59
My grifters have softened up quite a bit. I agree, they were uncomfortable behind the knees but it will go away. You will get some sweet honeycombs with the grifters as well. Mine are coming along nicely :D