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25th March 2005, 23:26
A dry denim? I would think so, but I am unsure as I've never actually owned any denim made that way.

26th March 2005, 02:07
Dry denim is raw denim and NOT pre-shrunk.


26th March 2005, 02:43
Yes. I am speaking of a pair of selvage Levi's I've found that are shrink to fit. Basically they shrink two whole sizes in the waist and length after they are washed. But I'm not sure if that would make them dry as well. If that's the case I wouldn't wash them for a long time, but if the indigo isn't going to change I'd wash them right away to get them to size down.

26th March 2005, 03:17
Nonono don't wash them to shrink them!

Best thing to do, run yourself a bath, of luke warm water, or cold (if ya brave) and just sit in the bath with your jeans on, for about an hour, then climb out, make sure you have newspaper or old towels on the floor! as you don't want the indigo to drip off and to stain your new bath mat!

Get em off, hang em up either inside or outside... if you're hanging it inside above the bath or something, again lay some towels down to prevent your bath getting indigo stained!

Wait till they dry, they will probably stiffen up, but a days worth of wearing will sort that out and loosen em up!

26th March 2005, 03:48
Thanks, very good info to know.

Now, should I wait the 6+ months before I take the tub dip though, or is the shrink to fit denim "dead" indigo and won't change with wearing?

26th March 2005, 09:02
Levi's 501xx shrink to fit is a rigid jeans. I order them in the USA and wear it for a long time. If I want to keep the rigid look, I wil dry clean it after 6 months of wearing.
Otherwise I will take a swim in the sea for half an hour and let my levi's dry on my body in the sun. They get a great look and a perfect fit around your body. Thereafter you can start washing them (not too often please)
Tips: if you want to keep it rigid, buy your own size (W and L)
if you want to wash it finally, buy two sizes bigger.
Recommended; this is my favourite kind of jeans.