View Full Version : need confirmation on TF's pls pls

8th December 2006, 16:42
hi guys..pls dont be bored wit my question :( ..really need advice..cuz am thinkin get the TF Dry Stretch within a week, my normal waist size are 34 and i will get em wit 32x32..ok so here it goes.. :arrow:

:?: i've read all the post's and some people say their TF stretches & shrunked..but there is one post (i furgot which one) said his jeans length shrunked around 4 inces... :shock:

i've already tried the TF 32x32 its just fit ok, the length is not too long not too short..stacked nicely :) but am scared if it will shrunked around 4 inches then it will not looked nicely or even possibly look short & no/little stacking (i love the stacking look :cry: )

:?: is the washing method causes this shrinkage..but 4 inches :? ..or u guys think i should get longer length like 32x33/32x34?? but i'm also scared if i take the longer length and it come out no shrinkage.. :roll: i would have alot of stakings..and..it would look like am melting :oops:

oh PLEASE my wise ones..begged you..give ur wisdom of this nudie jeans for me :D :D :D

8th December 2006, 20:13
I would go for 34 as the shrinkage is really not too less, especially if 32 fits you just well. I had a bootcut ola in 32 (I am 179 cm) and it shrunk too much after the wash. I learned from it.

8th December 2006, 21:13
i've got a TF 32x32 and a RRDG in 31x34,, the seller said they don't shrink that much and you can stretch them... but i also wear them very low,, i think you can get the 32x32

8th December 2006, 22:11
4 inches of shrikage is impossible, but they might shrink up to 3%. Isn't TF a mix of cotton and elastan/lycra?

9th December 2006, 03:25
thx for the advices guys hmm... :) maybe tommorow iL try on again the 32x33/32x34 to see its look on me :lol: thx for the input guys, appreciate it :D :mrgreen:

9th December 2006, 12:47
nudie shrinking seems to be pretty hit or miss. id go for the 32 though. as wateva shrinking occurs can be countered by stretching them constantly straight after the wash.

10th December 2006, 10:40
havent got time to try on the other size but..yeah probably iL get the 32x33 if it doesnt look that long..just to take precautions :wink: thx for another input cameland..my fellow ausie :D

10th December 2006, 16:39
get the longer one and let them take say an inch of the bottoms.. so when they shrink it won't be a problem and you dont look like a wanker wearing far to long jeans.... :D

18th December 2006, 19:24
absolutely dont wanna look like a wanker mate :P cheers