View Full Version : Wallet leather aging

captain yellow shirt
1st December 2006, 23:52
Anyone know how a dark blue(almost black) leather wallet would age...will it get closer to black or will it fade and become closer to blue.

I need a new wallet and cant wait any longer so im considering the Studio D'Artisan (feel like im setteling for less :cry: )... I would much rather have the Redmoon but i really hate the idea of having to go through a middleman just to get one because i live in the US. Damn you Redmoon!!!

2nd December 2006, 02:35
Don't be afraid of using a middleman. Just go to superfuture and use 2000db. You'll have a red moon in a week. I got mine on Monday form 2000db and am in love. I'm fondling it as I type. All you need is a paypal account and you're set.http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m312/mikesduck/th_DSCN0314.jpg (http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m312/mikesduck/DSCN0314.jpg)

2nd December 2006, 02:52
Where did you find the D'arti? I'm looking for one too.

captain yellow shirt
2nd December 2006, 05:47
Blue in Green has it in Navy..looks nice and dark almost black

2nd December 2006, 06:06
Oh... Too bad, I'm looking for the brown one :(