View Full Version : Robot Nudies

27th November 2006, 16:18
So I had a crazy idea. What if you were to construct some mechanical legs that performed all the normal functions of real legs such as bending knees and squating and all that. These robotic legs could mont on a stand and you could have them wear nudies. Plug them in and run it non stop like they were walking in mid air and it could go 24/7. I'm betting you could have some pretty narly fade in a couple weeks. I'm not a huge fan of this idea cuz I believe in the reflection of your life and it's nice to wear Nudies but for the greedy people, this might work.

27th November 2006, 17:09

but- if you watch the video on the nudie site you will see a system that expands the legs of the jeans so the workers can rip, wear, sand, and abuse the denim...interesting idea though, sure would get some sick honeycombs. hmmm