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captain yellow shirt
15th November 2006, 02:26
Me and friends all live in a relatively close nit community in Southern CA where everyone knows each others business. One day a new girl arrived on the party scene 8) (this was during my college years 21 +) and everyone was trying to get to know her... after a couple of weeks rumors started spreading around the city that she was a transvestite. Me and all my friends couldnt believe it.. we were like , "no way shes way to hot" :shock: . We were thinking people were probably Hating on her :twisted: Finally one of my friends asked her out and we were going to find out the REAL DEAL. So they went on their date ( dinner and all) and they were on their way home when she asks him to pullover. So he does and she gets out and squats down behind the truck. The whole time my friend looking in side mirror to see whats shes doing but its way to dark. He finally decides to get out of his truck and check on her (the whole time hes thinking "she cant be a transvestite, please god "). He sneaks behind his truck and see's that shes squated down (Phew shes just peeing) but as he takes a closer look he see's something is dangling between her legs. He lunges forward to grab it (whats dangling)in horor at the same time shouting "WTF , so it true what everyone is saying , you are a transvestite". When he finally grabs it it turns out it wasnt her penis but she was taking a poopper. :oops:

Well i think you all can imagine what happened after that :D

15th November 2006, 12:42
i just got out of bed and this story certainly worked better than a cup of coffee to get me fully awake.

so... did he still do her? :wink:

15th November 2006, 12:54
--- i've just barfed ---

15th November 2006, 14:39
haha, i told the same joke a couple of years ago :lol:

15th November 2006, 15:19
Another funny story...

Couple of years ago i was in a bar with a couple of friends and i sat down next to a beautiful girl.
We started talking, having a few drinks, and the conversation became nicer and more personal, let's just say i did not noticed my friends at all...
After a while we ( my friends and i) decided to go home because we had school the next morning, so i gave her my phone number, hoping she would call.
That she did, the next evening, asking for a date!!!
We decided to go to the movies, and a walk after that, I think the movie was 'Saving private Ryan'.
When i arrived at her house the next evening her father answered the door saying that Sasha , that was her name. would be out of the bathroom soon.
"so you must be Sake" the father said "ive heard so much about you, and i think its really nice of you to take Sasha out, would you like something to drink while we wait"
So after a coke and some smalltalk Sasha came out of the bathroom, in a WHEELCHAIR.... :shock:
I never noticed that in the bar, she was sitting allready before i arrived.
She looked more beautiful then ever, but hey, this was not what i had expected.
She told me that as a young girl she had been in an accident and was paralized from the waist down.
I thought it would be rude to cancel the date because of this, so off we went.
I had a really hard time tho putting that wheelchair in the back of my car after i had lifted her in the frontseat.
Then out again, in again out again in again. but i really wanted to be a gentleman for her, and the date was really pleasant dispite her handicap.
After the movies and allot of hassle with that F*&$%ing weelchair i decided to bring her home, and i would tell her that she was a really nice girl, and we still could be friends, but that a relationship was out of the question.
When we arrived at her home, she reallly wanted to have a walk in the park near her house.
Well i guess that would be a nice way to end the evening so there i went again pulling out that unhandy weelchair, lifting her in it, and off for a stroll down city park.
After a while she decided she wanted more than just a walk and she made that clear to me.
OMG, where, how, when.....
She told me she had boyfriends before and the best way for her to have sex was in the children playground.
"but how" i asked her, she said i should hang her on the climbing tool so she would hang by her arms and she could easily spread her legs..!
"owke" i said... :wink:
Well i must say that it worked perfect and it was awesome, a bit strange but awesome.
After dressing her and lifting her again ( ow my poor back!) we both decided that it was time to bring her home..
When we arrived her father again answered the door and he had a smile from ear to ear.
He couldn't stop saying how nice it was of me bringing Sasha home after our date.
I said that i thought that was a normal thing to do after a nice evening and i found the reaction of her father rather strange so i asked him why he was so happy.
"well" he said "most guys leave Sasha hanging in the climbing rack"

A bit long to write down, but always brings big laughs when told at the bar.

15th November 2006, 15:57
hahaha.. :lol: you must know that`s i was laughing reading both of the stories..haha.. :D :P

what kind of topic is this haha.. :D :P :)

15th November 2006, 18:56
hahahahaha,, to funny menn,, to funny :?