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15th November 2006, 00:23

you know..that time when you where watching..The A-Team..MC Gyver, Married With Children..playing with your action figures.. :D :P :wink:

what kind of Naughty-Tricks did you do.. :roll: :D

i remember when i was a little bit younger..that i did a wee-wee against the door of my neighbour..damn..? :roll: haha...

just wanna know what kind of trick you guys did / do..haha...

15th November 2006, 00:44
On holiday i did a wee-wee against the neighbours door too 8)

15th November 2006, 01:06
nudiejoch youre obsessed with your youth, but youre only 18 years old. :roll:

15th November 2006, 16:42
nudiejoch youre obsessed with your youth, but youre only 18 years old. :roll:

haha no i`m not..haha i said what did / do you when it comes to naughty tricks..

come on lenn..you cannot tell me that you never did / do some naughty tricks.. :wink:

for example when you go out..?

15th November 2006, 16:44
yea true i trashed a fair amount of things :lol:

15th November 2006, 16:46
yea true i trashed a fair amount of things :lol:

heheh :lol: haha finally, lenn is posting his confessions..

15th November 2006, 21:00
When I was younger I liked too skate in front of old people's houses, because of it's bad noise :d

And nowadays sometimes I'm attempting free running at some places in my school.. which wasn't appreciated ghaha by the caretakers lol

16th November 2006, 00:40
we used to break into places just for the hell of it. nobody ever took anything, which was great. the first place was a church and it happened completely by accident. it had snowed and we had climbed up onto the flat roof of the church so that we could climb up the pitched portion of the roof where the steeple was and sled down it. needless to say we found a hatch in the roof that was open. we couldn't resist.

actually, we did take something once. ha! we broke into a trailer on a job site and found an entire file cabinet filled with porno mags so we took a bunch, went down to the beach and dropped a few on the sidewalk and then watched people's reactions. it was hilarious. there were lots of double-takes and at one point there were about 20 navy guys all bunched together walking down the boardwalk flipping through some magazines. we even threw a couple at people. i mean seriously, how random is it to get hit with a porn mag. i think i'd just start cracking up.

Dino Might!
16th November 2006, 00:44
thus far, ive pissed on around 5 of my friends houses

ive just about made a quest out of it

****ing up things around school is always solid too.