View Full Version : Look at this!!

12th November 2006, 15:52
Take a look at my picture trail it's got some pics on it from Toszie and from Carpe_Denim and offcourse all of my dry denim projects.. You will al say im crazy for having so many projects but Im just a dry denim buying junkieee!! :oops:


It's in Dutch but you must understand pictures.. no special info with pictures so that must be easy!

12th November 2006, 20:02
I love it!!!

13th November 2006, 00:53
selling you RegularRalf DryGreycast to your neighbourgirl.. :roll: :D :P

haha :lol: how funny is that... :wink:

15th November 2006, 19:03
It really looked very damn sexci!!BTW, updated picturetrail with some pics of me wearing cheapmonday!