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28th February 2005, 09:11
I've recently become obsessed with dry jeans and I decided I wanted to make my own. I bought a pair of deadstock wrangler jeans from the 70s on ebay really cheap then took them apart, cut them the way i like 'em, and tailored them back up. I modeled them after a mix between bootcut ola and slim jim. I'm gonna put them through the same process as nudies, so I won't wash them for at least six months. I was wondering if anybody else had started any of their own jeans projects.

One other question, does anyone know what sanforized means exactly?

28th February 2005, 10:46
I have worn my regular ralf dry for 4 months now and got 2 months left or maybe more if I'm gonna go for 7-8 months.

28th February 2005, 11:06
Here's a definition of sanforized:

A trademark used for fabric preshrunk by a patented mechanical process so as to minimize later shrinkage.

You can also get more info at this webpage: http://www.sanforized.biz/e_what.htm

Hope that helps!

28th February 2005, 17:45
a girlfriend of mine studied fashion design and she makes her own jeans all the time. they are relly cool and her own backstitching rocks.

28th February 2005, 17:53
i have one flare glenn dry ...but i want a second one and i don't know where i can get one...please help!!!

28th February 2005, 18:49
I have got a dry selvage. It is about six months old and I washed it yesterday for the first time!! I looks BEAUTIFULL!! And I think they can even break in more...

My new project is a Veggie indigo! I'm allready in love with this jeans same as my dry selvage. I got these jeans 3 weeks or so..

I also got a Evisu jeans, very nice but i don't really like gulls anymore..


1st March 2005, 02:36
thanks for the sanforized definition... but by project i meant more along the lines of home tailoring than breakin in nudies.

27th March 2005, 08:44
Already for a long time I customize my jeans.
My favorite jeans is the Levi's 501xx shrink to fit, raw en rigid. I wear it new at least for half a year and then take a swim in the sea for half an hour en let it dry on my body. It makes a perfect fit. Thereafter wearing it again for a long and then jus wast in the machine. They get very smart treated this way.
After several years of wear the Levi's is fallen apart and then I start customizing / tailoring my jeans. Put several patches on the seat, the crotch, the knees, of different fabrics: denim, leather, suede, handkerchiefs, curtains. I create my own unique jeans and it is a pleasure to do and wear it.
NOw I am wearing a Levi's with at least 20 patches. You can hardly see the original Levi's fabric. when you look at me at the front, you see only patches; on the seat you see a big round patch covering it all.
Great fun to create your own jeans. I also repair jeans for others.