View Full Version : Tight vs. Loose [POLL!]

18th October 2006, 20:42
Better than a thread: a statistical result.

Tight or loose?

18th October 2006, 20:53
i wear all of those styles except very tight, i think only girls are allowed to rock jeans ubertight (balls need air, guys!)

20th October 2006, 14:18
It seems we have some results!

Or is there anyone who has not voted yet?

20th October 2006, 14:30
I voted 'rather loose', though everyone would expect me to say 'Baggy' probably :D

If you did this poll a year ago, I'm sure the results would be different.
It was harder to get tight jeans those days.

I think thiss poll also says something about 'fashion' and what's 'in' or 'out'.

20th October 2006, 15:39
definitely.. Many Tights nowadays

20th October 2006, 16:53
I said them all. At the moment it's the tight jeans for me, but who knows what I'm wearing in two years time. I don't care if people thinks I'm a fashionvictim though. (:

20th October 2006, 16:57
I wear different styles... loose, regular or tight, it just depends on the day and my mood.

20th October 2006, 21:31
i'm wearing some hella tight jeans atm and i must say i love em...

20th October 2006, 23:06
tight just blowe my waist ;) (just look at the pics in the jim japan thread :P)

20th October 2006, 23:53
Already voted and said my say under the other tight vs. loose thread. But in support of the tight club (ha!) :lol: I really like my jeans tight or even very tight. I enjoy the nut-hugging... 8)

22nd October 2006, 19:10
Okay, we have some results:

Result A

Baggy + Rather loose + Regular: 43 %
Tight + Very tight: 44 %
I don't care: 10%

So, one half of the community likes tight jeans, another half likes not so tight jeans.

Result B

Rather loose + Regular + Tight: 73 %
Baggy + Very tight: 14 %

This is to say: the majority prefers not to wear too "extreme" jeans whether they are tight or loose.

Result C

Still, there's a 37% vote for "Tight", so there's a small tendency to wear tight jeans, but it's only a slight tendency if you consider result C.

Don't think that I'm into statistics and kinda freak, but sometimes it's fun to play with numbers! 8)