View Full Version : Smelly belt

16th October 2006, 16:19
Hey guys , i bought myself a new belt lately but it smells like i dunno fish or something already my mom says it's just the leather but it smells really bad. anyone got some tips how to get rid of the godawfull smell? :(

16th October 2006, 16:25
i love the smell of leather :oops: whaha but i don't know how the get rid of it. You may have to get used to it

16th October 2006, 16:38
the smell disappears if you wear it for a while

16th October 2006, 16:39
Oh ok nice thanks for the replies ;]

16th October 2006, 17:16
are you sure its real leather ? ive seen/smelled some fake leather stuff and its really bad

17th October 2006, 11:28
thats odd... i've been wearing my atelier ladurance belt for 3,5 months now and it doens't smell at all, what have you been doing with your belt then?!

17th October 2006, 11:50
it's still new. He hasn't done anything yet

17th October 2006, 14:14
maybe he fart too much:p