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22nd February 2005, 20:09
Here's the url for the paris' handy adress book

I think it's really funny! lol

I wonder if the numbers still work.......
anyone try it ?! :twisted:

btw am I allowed to post that?!

22nd February 2005, 20:34
yeah, the phone numbers are real and the guys really freak out atm lol. it's good at least 1 blonde is REAL stupid lol :-)

22nd February 2005, 20:45
did someone try to call one of the celebrities?!

22nd February 2005, 20:48
yeah, apparantly one of the Gotti's is pretty much pissed http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzkultur/0,1518,343096,00.html

22nd February 2005, 23:00
Pretty sure a lot of celebs have changed their number now, since the incident happened back in october last year. Apparently everyone on her contact list got a letter sent advising them to change number.

22nd February 2005, 23:08
huh? that hack was just published, it's not from october last year. there are even some notebook entries from january 2005.

22nd February 2005, 23:19
Guys, get a life, hehe. Who cares about Paris Hilton, is there nothing more interesting in your life?


22nd February 2005, 23:24
Guys, get a life, hehe. Who cares about Paris Hilton, is there nothing more interesting in your life?

well, it's in the news...
and give me one reason why people shouldn't discuss it.... ?!
shit like that doesn't happen often....
so where's your problem?!

23rd February 2005, 00:42
sorry I was going by the one which happened back in October

23rd February 2005, 09:26
Hehe i tried 2 call nicole richie bit she didn't answerd :P
but i think this is kind of funny :P ecery star in that book needs 2 get a new nr because of this :P

23rd February 2005, 14:12
so funny, I heard that the guy who hacked the phone, has had access to t-moblie acounts for over a year and got tierd and gave out paris phone.
the most funny thing is that FBI is after the one who hacked the phone. wonder if they would do the same thing if my phone where hacked, I don't think so! :evil:

23rd February 2005, 15:02
oh yes, they would. Identity theft is a big problem in the states. And it's a federal crime as well.