View Full Version : Can someone send me a snus can?

7th October 2006, 14:56
Hey for any of you guys in europe....or anyone who is a snus user.

Would anyone be willing to ship a snus can to me? i dont mean like the actual snus stuff inside, i just want the empty can to put in my pocket! I know that may seem lame but if anyone could help me out id send them some money for helping me out.

i live in australia and have paypal btw!

7th October 2006, 17:12
i don't have a snusbox, but i've had the same problem a few weeks ago when i bought my first dry denim... i wear now an other box with the same diameter (7cm) and it works good!

7th October 2006, 22:51
I'm in the USA but i can get you snuff, same thing.

8th October 2006, 05:11
ahhh awesome check ur PM