View Full Version : just ordered red wing 1905

28th September 2006, 21:40
i ordered these at the local RW shop. Retail here in the US is 179.95. They drop ship, which is nice. Volls.de price is somewhere around 250 euro! the new 1905 is a darker brown than the color on volls. comes with 2 pairs of laces. should look good with my SJDjapan!! :D

30th September 2006, 21:16
those Red Wings that you have will be collecters items as they made it only for 1 year - in Europe you still can get them - I think it was an anniversary boot - saw pic in Dutch mag of Keanu Reeves wearing that boot - was not able to see if he was wearing Nudies.

30th September 2006, 21:27
is there anyone who knows where you can get red wings in a regular store in the netherlands? i like to try them before buying, so i'd rather not buy them on internet.

30th September 2006, 21:40
where do you live - I live in The Hague and bough my RW's at Mode D'Emploi - great guys and make sure that you buy them with Dennis the store manager - he will tell you stories for an hour

30th September 2006, 22:00
i live in drachten but my working terrain is the whole of holland, so that might not be a very big issue. the store you mentioned is in the hague only or??

btw the quality of red wings must be fabulous isn't it? at least that's how they look.

30th September 2006, 22:27
i also saw Red Wing at the new Blue Blood jeans store at the PC Hooftstraat - but closest to you is in Apeldoorn - De Hangar.
store addresses at www.redwing-europe.com that's where i found the dealers. The Boots are fantastic are you kiddin' - you just have to wear em in but it is teh same like raw denims...no big thing.

30th September 2006, 22:30
Yeah...on the Blue Blood website in the 2005 section it has a page that reads "red wing shoes are a friend of mine" ...with a photo of models in blue blood dry goods jeans and red wings.

30th September 2006, 22:43
you just have to wear em in but it is teh same like raw denims...no big thing.

i tought so, cuz they look kinda stiff :wink:

blue blood has a fantastic site btw...