View Full Version : How much do you spend?

26th August 2006, 19:35
Just curious. How much do you spend on clothes and accessories each month?

26th August 2006, 19:59
just got back from sweden were i blew up 750 euro but i got some sweet clothes. I found a conny jacket for 480 kr = 50 euro :P
Some sweet nudie jeans at 70% off but a resisted the temptation cause i'm not patient enough to break in 2 pairs at the same time!

26th August 2006, 20:35
opeth you could've sold some of those nudies and make some of your spent money back ;)

i cant spend too much on clothing right now, i'm saving my money for my stay in japan

26th August 2006, 21:25
I'm saving for some redwings boots...

26th August 2006, 22:46
Usually, around 150 dollars, but I just got in an accident with my GF's car. I guess I'm gonna have to stop buying stuff for a while to pay the repair. Damnit

27th August 2006, 22:17
Depends.. most of the time i buy something every week.. but prices are always different etc

28th August 2006, 15:18
One month it can be 500 euro and the other month nothing at all f.e.
It kinda depends how much time i have to visit some stores! It's hard to keep it in my pocket when i see nice stuff :wink:

28th August 2006, 19:33
lenn you are right, but I had my hands full o shopping bags already so the Conny jacket was just about as much as I cuold carry out from the store :cry:

28th August 2006, 20:05
poor you :lol: