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25th August 2006, 17:43
hey my jeans has become so big in the waist i can't wear them without a belt. When i bought them, i could easily wear them without, but i think they have become bigger, what shall i do? Just use the belt, because it looks a little tupid and i like better to wear jeans without belts ?

25th August 2006, 17:58
throw them in a lukewarm tub o' water, wait for an hour, get em out and let em hang to dry

they'll shrink back to their original size and it won't harm the indigofading process

25th August 2006, 18:08
..or the lenght?

25th August 2006, 18:42
I have a ThinFinn Dry Stretch..& SlimJim Used Black..I have the same thing as you..I`m going to buy another ThinFinn..butt this time a ThinFinn Dry Black..normally I have size 32,31..so the next ThinFinn I`m going to get is a size 30,31..just buy a pair of smaller sizes..that hot water isn`t the trick..after a while its just like the beginning..it while get bigger again...

25th August 2006, 20:58
after a while they get bigger again? without anything one does? sounds weird! i've never heard of anything like this.

25th August 2006, 21:17
I mean every pair of jeans is going to go bigger..when you put them on in the store they fit real tight..then when you bought one..& have wearing those jeans for a couple of days they are going te get bigger around your middle...

26th August 2006, 11:43
yeah maybe i should get a new pair.

26th August 2006, 12:48
Don't waist your time on jeans that dosen't fit you...get a new pair in the right size :twisted:

26th August 2006, 12:56
just wear a belt until its time to wash them

26th August 2006, 20:33
yeah maybe i should get a new pair.

or try a good tailor who could hem them for you