View Full Version : Going broke for Nudie

3rd August 2006, 15:31
I just recently bought my first pair o' nudies. It took lots of deliberation (about an hour of hovering the cursor around the buy it now button), but ohh it felt sooo good though. I am your average broke ass college student, so in order to get my hands some Nudies, I'll be sustaining myself on the Wendys dollar menu, ramen noodles, and for weekends, natty light (YUCK!) for a few weeks until my next paycheck. Still, I have to admit its not a bad living. 8)

What kind of sacrifices or ridiculous things has anyone here done to get themselves some nudies?

3rd August 2006, 16:17
Just working for it. And no, not in prostitution :lol:

3rd August 2006, 18:01
this month i spent

228 euro for ALD
55 euro for SJ

:oops: and i'm broke