View Full Version : HEY BLURR!!! Help a brother out.

28th June 2006, 16:46
You know that BAPE hoodie you have with the 'fighter plane' face? the teeth and mouth.. i think it was baby blue. Could you post detailed pictures of it? or send it to me via mail?

I found a hoodie which i think is a black version of that one and i just wanna make sure it's real, so i was hoping for something i could compare it to. :)

Sank you sank you

28th June 2006, 16:47
those are called the Shark hoodies and are mad expensive

28th June 2006, 16:55
Sounds like a shark hoody... is it this one?


If so here are more details below for a comparison...




Oh and next time PM me eh ;)

P.S. There are some VERY good fakes out there. If it's black, expect to pay at LEAST ?500, if not more. But yeah go ahead and drop me an email... blurr AT myembers DOT com